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JuggleNow Store, #002 -- Christmas Special
December 16, 2006

December 16, 2006 - Special Christmas Offer, Read on...

You are receiving this newsletter, since you have been a JuggleNow customer in the past. There won't be a lot of mailings to you. Only when I can offer you a special at our store. (You could always unsubscribe, by clicking on the link toward the end of this newsletter. But I hope you don't of course.)

Note that if you subscribe to JuggleNow's regular newsletter, you're receiving a similar offer twice. Have a great Holiday!

Give a Little Fun This Year

Itís not too late to get some Juggling gifts for Christmas. But you do need to hurry. And Iíve put together a couple special packages for a great last minute gift.

The first is a Juggling package, a little bit of everything. Value is around $80, and on sale for $49.95. A real savings for you! The second package is a collection related to JugglingÖ Diabolo, flower stick, spinning plate, DVD and booklets. A great savings for you on this one too.

And Iím not advertising this on JuggleNow. Iím only telling you, as a subscriber to JuggleNow News.

Outside the US, your order may not make it by December 25, but in the US, you should have no problem, if you order right away. I suggest ordering this weekend! Monday definitely should be fine. Tuesday, a good chance, but then it starts getting ďif-y.Ē Weíll ship Priority mail, and the Post Office says 2 to 3 days, but this time of year, it could be a little longer.

Iíll do whatever I can to get it to you in time. Thereís even Express (overnight) shipping available if you wait a little too long ;-)

OK, yes, you can even get this for yourself. I wonít leave it up after Christmas, but you can order through Christmas, especially if itís for yourself, and you donít need it in a rush as a gift.

But again, right now, thereís plenty of time to get a wonderful, fun, last minute gift for the Juggler or Juggler-to-be in your life. If itís for someone who doesnít know how to juggle, included in the package is a great DVD to help them get started. And if they do know how, the DVD will give them enough to work on for a long time to come. Click here to see these special packages!

You can also order by phone. Just call me at 859-380-7460. (Eastern time zone. Any reasonable hour is fine to call.)

Or consider a gift certificate. Definitely a last minute gift answer.

Get a JuggleNow Gift Certificate

Give a little fun this season :-)

Have a wonderful Holiday season, however you celebrate it. For me, it should be a nice, quiet holiday, spent with family and friends. (Once the orders slow down anyhow.) ;-) Looking forward to a wonderful 2007! Happy New Year!

Keep Juggling... and Happy Holidays!
Jim Nelson

616 Western Ave.
Covington, KY 41011

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