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JuggleNow News, Issue # 19a, Oops, Survey
April 11, 2004

April 11, 2004

If you've already looked at the issue of JuggleNow News just sent out, you've seen that there was no link to the survey. Oops! I didn't tell you HOW to take the survey......... I hit the "send" button too quickly. Sorry 'bout that. Apologies for the double mailing this time. To take the survey, go to If you haven't looked at the other issue sent out (less than an hour ago) then just read on. I've explained the survey, and included the link below. It's the same as the one just mailed, with the addition of this paragraph, and the link to the survey.

This issue will be short and sweet. This issue you get to have input into JuggleNow. See the first article below.

Hope you enjoy,

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** jugglenow News! **


1. Help by taking our Survey

2. Final Thoughts

1. Help by taking our Survey

I'd love your help to make JuggleNow even better. If you would take a few minutes to fill in our survey, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'll even give you a special offer on our supplies, just for taking the time.

It'd be Great if a majority of you could take a few minutes to do this! (You don't even have to be a juggler.)

Just go to

2. Final Thoughts

As I said, I'll keep this one short. But, coming soon.... We have a couple more great interviews lined up, and more.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to any friends that may be interested.


For anyone interested in having their own web site, I have to mention a perfect solution....

Site Build It!

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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