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** jugglenow News! **, Issue # 14, Book Review, Contest
August 16, 2003

August 16, 2003

Welcome to this edition of Your Juggling newsletter!

A lot in this issue.... Contest Winners, a New Contest, Book Review, and more... Hope you enjoy!

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** jugglenow News! **


1. Book Review

2. Contest Winners

3. New Contest

4. Special Offer

5. Final Thoughts

1. Book Review

Fire Eating - A Manual of Instruction by Benjamin Garth

This is a great book ...and it's not for everyone. Fire-eating should certainly be approached with all the necessary cautions, and then some. This book reinforces that with appropriate warnings throughout.

I found this book shortly after I was taught fire-eating and fire-breathing. What I liked most were the very clear explanations. And the warnings, which were a very helpful reminder to NOT ever take fire-eating for granted!

It's short, but very complete. Starting with chapters on Safety, Fuels, and the Torches themselves, it gives the necessary preliminary steps.

As author Benjamin Garth notes, "There are two Basic types of fire manipulations: retention and extinguishments." The stunts described are all variations of those two types of manipulation of fire. From "eating" fire to transfer of fire to and from the hand, tongue, etc.

It includes instructions for the more dangerous manipulation of fire - fire "blasts" or breathing fire. But it was all the little variations that I found most interesting. (Remember... I already knew the basics.)

I'm not recommending that anyone DO this. (It's fire after all.) But, if you're looking for some clear instructions - and helpful warnings - even some nice variations - then this book is a must.

Note: The "Fire Eating" book that we carry is a Revised Edition, with updated Fuel, Safety, and Torch sections.

As Benjamin Garth notes in his new Foreword to this edition: "It is abundantly clear that fire eating is too dangerous to be considered appropriate for anybody to attempt or perform."

With that, if you must eat fire - or even if you're just curious - this is a great guide for Fire-Eaters. But since some people will do it, the author decided to provide a revised edition with updated information.

A couple interesting Fire-eating tips from FIRE EATING, by Benjamin Garth....
-- Levi brand jeans (at least at the time of writing) are flame redardant, and work well for transfering a flame to your pants.
-- Use 100% sterilized cotton (most cotton balls are not) for your torches.

Of course, you can get this Fire Eating book from us now for $9.95 (Have it in 2 days) at

2. Contest Winners

We challenged you to send your Best Definition of Juggling.

What fun reading your entries!!! A lot of people deserve to win, but our 5 judges chose the top Definition of Juggling!

Before we announce the winner, I want to let you know that you can see all the best answers that we received, on our new page at

Ok. Our first place winning definition of juggling...

"Juggling is: the propagation of mirth, frivolity, and jocularity, by way of inane jokes, stupefying feats of balance, and the always astounding, occasionally hazardous, art of airborne, multi-object manipulation."
Sent in by Christopher Lane
aka - Cristoff the Chainsaw Guy
The Hopping Jalapeno Brothers - Colorado

As he said, "That's the definition we've used since forming The Hopping Jalapeno Brothers way back in l994. Works for us." Well, it works for us too!

Christopher wins a set of Clubs, a set of Rings, and a set of 4-panel Balls!

Our "runner up" also wins a set of 4-panel balls - Sorry, they didn't leave a name. But 2nd Place goes to...

"Juggling is simply the manipulation of time and space to create the necessary patterns during a routine, or anything Else in life for that matter."

But don't miss all the other great definitions too! If yours is there, and your name is not, let us know, and we'll add your name so you get the credit.

And we are going to send out a set of our high quality 4-panel balls to the 3 "runners up" shown on the site too! See our Juggling Definitions at

3. New Contest

With many of our subscribers on vacation as we come to the end of summer, many may miss out on this easy-to-enter contest.

But, No reason you should not send an entry! Even if you don't juggle, the prizes will make a great Gift... or maybe, just maybe...'s time to start juggling yourself!

Win some wonderful Juggling Prizes ...for yourself or a juggling friend. Nothing to do, except send in your entry.

Just email us. Include something like "entering contest" in the subject line and/or the body of the email - and you are entered for these great juggling prizes. (Please include your first name and where you're from, so we can announce the winners in our newsletter.)

1st Prize - Set of Juggling Clubs
2nd Prize - Set of Juggling Rings
3rd Prize - Set of quality 4-panel Juggling Balls

Watch the next newsletter for the announcement of winners. Winners will be notified by email shortly after the newsletter comes out. (And prizes will be shipped at no cost of course.)

Contest ends when the next newsletter comes out (about the beginning of September.) One entry per person.

Send your entry to

4. Special Offer - Great Timesaver

Whether you have a business or just answer daily personal emails, I think you'll be interested in this.

I've recently purchased the resale rights to a great, easy to use, piece of software - BizAutomator automates repetitive typing that you probably do daily.

With a couple quick keystrokes, you can insert your answer (even up to hundreds of pages!) It works for emails, and really ANY software program.

I was so impressed with it, that I bought the resale rights for this. One of the things I can't do though (with the purchase agreement) is GIVE it away. But, I have already marked the price way down. And I've got an even better special for you as a jugglenow Subscriber....

Purchase BizAutomator at the already marked down price, and I'll give you $20 worth of any of our jugglenow products. Use the $20 however you like at our store. Even use it for shipping costs. You'll be getting more than half the purchase price back.

All you need to do is email me after you purchase BizAutomator - and I'll send you a code to use for $20 worth of shopping at!

Note that even without the $20 for you, this is a great price for BizAutomator. I don't believe you can find it anywhere for less. And... even if you're not a juggler, you can use your $20 to get some great gifts from jugglenow!

It truly is a time saver. And incredibly easy to use. If you ever find yourself typing the same things over and over, you're going to love this. Find out more at our new page about it at

5. Final Thoughts

Don't forget to visit the New Juggling Definitions Page.

And check out the BizAutomator special.

Those 2 pages were both built with the new HTML Editor Capatability feature that's just been added to SiteBuildIt! Take a look - they're a bit different from from the other jugglenow pages. (I love this new addition to SBI!)

If you don't know, SiteBuildIt! is the collection of tools that we've used to build and grow If you are thinking of starting a web site, or if you want to help your own site, you owe it to yourself to consider SiteBuildIt!

It's helped become the 35,000th most visited site on the web (according to Considering there are over 16 million sites out there, that puts us in the top 1%!

In fact, there's a new page showing many of the sites that have achieved a Top 3% by using SiteBuildIt! A pretty impressive page - to see it, go to

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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