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JuggleNow News, Issue # 20, End of Summer sale
August 29, 2004

August 29, 2004

Where has the summer gone?! At least summer's almost over here in the US. It's been a busy one for me, and so... it's been awhile since the last newsletter. To make up for it, there's a special sale on many of our juggling supplies. See the article below.

I've got another great interview ready to go, but I'll save that one till the next issue ;-)

And, there's another easy-to-enter contest for more juggling prizes. (See more below.) The contests were one of the favorite things about this newsletter, according to the survey you did from last issue. There were a LOT of great suggestions from the survey results, some I've used, and many more I will be using. Thanks :-)

Hope you enjoy this issue,

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** JuggleNow News! **


1. Special Sale

2. Contest

3. Final Thoughts

1. Special Sale

You're sure to find something you'd like in this sale. I've just marked down a majority of the juggling supplies that we carry!

This will only be good till about Sept. 5, (only about a week from today) so while you're thinking about it, go to our Juggling Store and look around. You'll see the sale prices in red as you look around on the different pages. We always work to keep our prices as low as possible anyhow, but this should help you out even more.


2. Contest

All you have to do... send us an email, and you're entered!

Just put "entering contest" or something similar in the subject line. In the email, include your first name and where you're from ((that's how we'll announce the winners.) Of course, feel free to include a note letting us know what you think of JuggleNow, but that's not necessary.

Oh, the prizes...
1st Prize: A Set of Juggling Clubs
2nd Prize: A Set of Juggling Balls
3rd Prize: A Set of Juggling Scarves

Contest ends when next issue comes out.

So Enter now, while you're thinking about it, by emailing to

3. Final Thoughts

One more thing, before we leave....

I've been featured in a new ebook that's just recently been released! I am one of "ten highly successful Netrepreneurs" who are interviewed in a new book, "Success Alert," by John Evans...

Success Alert

The part in it about me, is mainly related to my JuggleNow site, but there are some great mentions of ParrotsNow too (my other site.)

It's modestly priced, but even if you don't want to get this well written book, at least look at the page - you'll see me (Jim Nelson) featured there. And, if you are looking for a little inspiration from those who have "been there, done that, and won"... the whole book is a great read.

Note: You'll find me listed as "Conversation Seven - Jim N" along with a picture of me with Bubba, my Amazon!

If you do decide to get the book through my link above, let me know what you think, and I'll send along a free set of juggling balls. Enjoy! (But you will need to get it through the above link to get the juggling balls. Just email me after you've gotten it.)


Feel free to forward this newsletter to any friends that may be interested.


For anyone interested in having their own web site, I have to mention a perfect solution....

Site Build It!

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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Covington, KY 41011

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