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JuggleNow News , Issue # 17, Happy Holidays
December 18, 2003

Dec. 18, 2003

Only one real reason for this edition of JuggleNow News! And that's to let you know there IS still time to get Juggling Gifts for that Juggler, or Juggler-to-be. A couple other notes, but that's all I really want to let you know... till the New Year. See the first 2 articles below, for some ideas.

But don't wait too long - It's Thursday night... If you need a Juggling gift, give me a call - 859-380-7460. And, I'll even include a Juggling gift with all subscribers' orders from now till Christmas (but you need to let me know you are a subscriber - so send a message with your order, or just email me.)

Happy Holidays,

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** jugglenow News! **


1. Still Time

2. Gift Ideas

3. Final Thoughts

1. Still Time...

...For Christmas Gifts

We are well stocked with Juggling Supplies, and as always, ship immediately.

It's getting late, so it may be easier for you to order over the phone. You're more than welcome to call, or send your number, and I'll give you a call back. (We're on Eastern time - anything "reasonable" is fine to call.) 859-380-7460

That way, I can also help you with gift ideas, if you're not sure what to get. A few ideas in the next article below too.

If you have a question whether something is in stock, or if you will receive your order in time for Christmas, just give us a call at 859-380-7460, or email us at

2. Gift Ideas

Remember, on the phone, I can help you with your gift choices. (And, if you wait even longer, I can help with overnight shipping too.) But here are just a couple of our most popular juggling gift ideas.

These 4-panel balls are long lasting, high quality, great size and weight... and a gift every juggler will treasure for years to come. Color choices available, and they are in stock. .

These are also available in a nice gift box, with instructional brochure - Boxed set of Juggling Balls .

We finally have them! Our 2" Light Up Balls have been some of the most popular items we've had. And now, we have new styles, sizes, and colors. NINE color choices. Hard and Soft shell. And a great new looking, fun Light Up Juggling ball that we're calling the "Atom" ball.

Here's a really unique gift. So nice you'll probably want to get a set for yourself too!

Find out more at

3. Final Thoughts

Two quick things for those of you with an internet business, or who are thinking of starting one....

# 1 - I've recently acquired the rights to an amazing piece of software - and the top of its kind besides! PopUpMaster Pro is now available, at a special price, on my site.

Without going into all the details here, I'll let you visit my page about this now....
If you're at all interested in the best popup generator made, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

In fact, just for my subscribers, I'll add the BizAutomator software (You can see more about that at JuggleNow too) at NO cost to you. Normally it sells for $37.77. After you purchase PopUpMaster from my site, just email a copy of your receipt, and I'll send along info for you to ALSO get BizAutomator.

Oh, and PopUpMaster Pro works with Site Build It too!

# 2 - This is for those interested in a web business.... If you're not, just skip this short section :-)

I've made a deal with internet marketer, Melvin Ng. About a year ago Melvin did an interview with me about the success of And I've subscribed to his newsletter since, and he always has some good thoughts, in a very personal style.

Here's his offer, just for you.... Melvin says,
"I would like to offer to your subscribers FR-EE lifetime membership to my internet resources page, and the only catch is that they subscribe to my newsletter. Of course if they don't like it, they can unsubscribe anytime. I'm not a person who cling on to someone who doesn't welcome me." Note that this is valued at a minumum of $67.

And actually, it's an entire package of software and ebooks worth a whopping $323.69.
If you just use one or two of his offerings, you're well ahead. To see more of this exclusive offer, visit


One more quick note.... (And if are looking to begin an effective web site, this is the best deal in this issue.) If you've wanted to get Site Build It! for your own web business, now's the perfect time. Till Dec. 26, there is a special Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion. For more info (either email me or) visit Site Build It!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday Season! More interviews, tips, book reviews, contests, and more coming. My best wishes, and... see you in the New Year.

For those last minute Juggling Gifts visit us at

That's all for now. And Happy Holidays
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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