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JuggleNow News, Issue # 21, Happy Holidays
December 12, 2004

December 11, 2004

I hope everyone is in the best Holiday spirits. I want to let all of you know that we have plenty of time to still get Christmas Gifts out to you in time for Christmas - for those Jugglers and Jugglers-to-be on your list.

Also announced below are our Contest winners! Watch for a new contest right after the Holidays.

Hope you enjoy this issue,

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** JuggleNow News! **


1. Plenty of Time

2. Contest Winners

3. Final Thoughts

1. Plenty of Time...

There's still plenty of time to get your orders in time for Christmas. And we've put together some nice NEW Packages of Juggling Supplies, for more savings. See them at our Juggling Store.

But of course, you can stroll through our store, and pick out the individual items you may want too;-)

If you have any questions about availability, or wondering if you will receive order in time for Christmas, or if you just need some help deciding on most appropriate Juggling Gifts, please give me a call - 859-380-7460. (We're on Eastern Standard Time.) Or send me an email through the form at

One of our most popular items has been our Light Up Juggling Balls! Be sure to take a look at them, for an "extra special" juggling gift.

The "hard shell" 70mm ones are the best feel, weight, size. The best overall light up ball. Only for the next week, as a JuggleNow News subscriber, you can get them for $2 off per ball on any of the 70mm Hard shell balls! Just place your order, and enter the code JUGNOW2512 on checkout. See them at

And for all of our light up balls, there's a new color choice! This one rotates 7 different colors - a new color about every second. But! Order early, as these could well all run out before Christmas. If so, I'll do my best to re-stock, but no promises.

Note: the 7-color balls are new, so there's not much info yet on the site, just choose "7-color" when placing your order.

2. Contest Winners

From our last contest, we have some Winners to announce!

For 1st Prize: A Set of Juggling Clubs, the winner is...

Graham, from Stockport, England

2nd Prize: A Set of Juggling Balls, the winner is...

Kurt, from Pittsburgh, PA

And for
3rd Prize: A Set of Juggling Scarves

Dana, from Dayton, OH

Congratulations! Send me your mailing address, and we'll get your prize sent right out. (I'll use your email address that you entered with, to verify.) Happy Holidays! Note: you can "reply" to this newsletter email, and I'll get it.

Watch for a brand new contest, right after the Holidays!

3. Final Thoughts

We are beginning a Page of Juggling Photos so if you have a Juggling Photo of yourself, please send it in! We'll post it with your first name and where you're from, and any other info that you would like included. The page isn't up yet, so get those pics sent in. I'll let you know when the page is up through this newsletter.


Oh! We have a new store layout coming soon. Hopefully before Christmas. Same great products, but it will have the same Look and Feel that you're used to on the main JuggleNow site. We'll be sure to let you know when that's open and ready!


Feel free to forward this newsletter to any friends that may be interested.


For anyone interested in having their own web site, I have to mention a perfect solution....

Site Build It!

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

616 Western Ave.
Covington, KY 41011

Send me your thoughts (juggling or not) to (or "reply" to this newsletter.)

Visit us at

Our storefront is at

(c) Copyright, 2004

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