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** jugglenow News! **, Issue # 10, Hello
February 24, 2003

February 24, 2003

Welcome to this edition of Your Juggling newsletter!

It's been well over a month since the last issue, but been a busy couple weeks. We got hit by a big ice and snow storm, so this gives me a little time to catch up. (Although it's putting me behind with everything else.) Ah, well, could always be worse...

The next issue, I will do my best to get to you within a month!

Note: For all links within the newsletter, you need to be connected to the internet.

** jugglenow News! **


1. Contest Winner...

2. New section coming - Juggling Book Reviews

3. New jugglenow Pages

4. Another Juggling Contest

5. Winner Announced

6. Final Thoughts

1. Contest Winner...

In the last newsletter, we announced the contest to win a set of juggling clubs! You were invited to send in your guess of How many balls we sent out between June and December of last year. A great response, with many guesses very close, Especially for trying to "guess how many jelly beans in the jar", without even seeing the jar.

We decided not to write to the winner before this newsletter. We'll put hints as you read through this newsletter, with the winner being announced toward the end. Read on...

By the way, because of the great response to this contest, we will be holding more contests for more great Juggling Prizes. Read on for the next one...

HINT #1:

Contest Hint -Guess how many balls sent out between June and Dec. 2002 by jugglenow.
There will be Second and Third Place winners as well. These were just too close to ignore.

2. New Section Coming - Juggling Book Reviews

Starting with the next issue of **jugglenow News!**, we will add a new column reviewing some of the new and the classic Juggling-related books (and videos) that are available. One or two reviewed per issue.

Let us know what YOU are looking for in books or videos. Basic juggling. Diabolos. Rope Tricks. Passing balls and clubs. ??? I will give you my honest opinions on these books and videos in the reviews.

By the way, if you happen to have a book that you would like reviewed, be sure to let us know. Write to

HINT #2:

Contest Hint-Guess how many balls sent out between June and Dec. 2002 by jugglenow.
More than 2,000 and less than 6,000.

3. New jugglenow pages

New and updated pages added to

The latest one is an "About Us" page. If you have a chance to visit, let us know what you think.
It gives a little history of how we started and where we're going.

This second is a few months old - started for the Christmas season. But I've updated it and kept it as an "Idea" page for juggling gift-giving ideas.

And this last one is also a few months old, but it's always changing. It lists the juggling items that we have up for Auction on Ebay. You may find some good values here on some of the items that we offer for sale in our juggling store. Or even , once in while, something unique that is not even offered in our stores.

HINT #3:

Contest Hint -Guess how many balls sent out between June and Dec. 2002 by jugglenow.
The winner sent in their guess less than an hour after the contest started! And, it was the 2nd entry overall.

4. New Juggling Contest

Before we announce the winner of a brand new set of Clubs from last issue's contest, I'd like to announce the next contest.

We'll keep this one simple. All you need to do is send us an email - and a winner will be randomly drawn from all entry emails. In the email, just say "entering contest" (or something to that effect.) Of course, you're welcome to add a hello or whatever else you'd like.

One Entry per Subscriber. But, you can tell or friends to subscribe, then they can also enter! In fact, feel free to forward this to friends who may be interested in reading **jugglenow News!**. If you have received this as a "forwarded" email, you can subscribe (& enter the contest) by going to .

But, just send an email - say "entering contest" (in the subject line or body of the email) - and we will draw THREE Winners!

1st Prize - A set of Juggling Rings
2nd Prize - A set of 4-panel Juggling balls
3rd Prize - A set of Juggling Scarves

While you're thinking of it, enter now: Send entries to

HINT #4:

Contest Hint -Guess how many balls sent out between June and Dec. 2002 by jugglenow.
The winner has the Same Name, but different spelling, as my girlfriend.

5. Winner Announced

First, the answer... The total number of balls sent out by jugglenow between June and December 2002 is...


The winning guess is..................

3943! (Only 101 off)

The winner is... Alana. In her guess, she said "Wow, this is tough!!!!! I realize this is a shot in the dark and Im probably a loooong ways off, but I can always use a new set of clubs so alal I will take a shot!!" Good Shot, Alana! You win.

Congratulations, Alana! (Write to me, or) I'll send you an email, and get your address for where to send your new set of Juggling Clubs.

Because there were a couple more rather close answers, we are also awarding 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes too. Each of these winners will receive a set of Quality 4-panel balls!

The 2nd Place Winner is...
Ryan A. with a guess of 4,253 (Just 209 off.)

The 3rd Place Winner is...
Duane M. with a guess of 4,332 (Just 288 off.)

Pretty good for a kind of "wild guess." Most were Low, but my favorite guess was 5,000,000. I hope this person enters next year, and Wins!

6. Final Thoughts

Coming soon...

1. A Book Review section
2. Article about another Juggling Club
3. A new Juggling Poem
4. And, depending on the response to this month's contest, a New Contest!
And, more...

For all your Juggling Needs, please visit our store. We've restocked since Christmas, and are ready to serve you for all your juggling needs. Visit our store at

For all communications, send email to me at

And, don't forget to send in YOUR entry to win a set of Rings, Balls, or Scarves! Send entry to

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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