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** jugglenow News! **, Issue # 9, Welcome to 2003
January 16, 2003

January 16, 2003

Welcome to the first edition in 2003 of Your Juggling newsletter!

Note: For all links within the newsletter, you need to be connected to the internet.

** jugglenow News! **


1. After the Holidays

2. Juggling Club from Scotland

3. Contest Win a set of Clubs

4. New Products

5. A Request

6. Final Thoughts

1. After the Holidays

Whew! We got through our first Christmas season! And it sounds like everyone got their orders for Christmas. Sure kept my December busy with filling orders, AND meeting some Great people (through the web.) Of course, I had tons of help from my girlfriend, A'Lona. Couldn't have kept up with everyone without her.

Keeping everything is stock was a challenge. We carry supplies from at least 8 different suppliers in 3 different countries. Only a couple items had to wait till after Christmas. (Sorry.) And, we're now restocked with just about everything. (In fact, there are a few New products too.)

Juggling Gifts were sent to everywhere from New York to California, Florida to the Dakotas, to Hawaii and Alaska, and just about everywhere in between. Orders went to England, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Samoa, Canada, & even Siberia!

We got to know our Post Office personnel very well. Special thanks to Fred and Holly, a pleasure to visit them every day. Although Fred complained that the juggling balls we gave him were defective! "They just fly everywhere! I thought they were supposed to go into my hands." (They did always have some Holiday candy treats for us though.)

We were able to include jugglenow "Logo" sets of balls with many orders. But, they came in late, and didn't last long. If you didn't receive a set, just let us know with your next order, and we'll include a set. (More are being done soon.)

2. Juggling Club from Scotland

Here's some info about a Juggling Club - the Stirling Juggling Project - in Scotland. More info can be found on Steve Thompson's juggling web site. Actually, visit his whole site. Steve has been subscribing to our newsletter almost since it started. I keep checking in on his site, and it's very well done. He's recently opened his Juggling web store as well, although, for now, he only is selling to the United Kingdom. Visit his site at .

Stirling Juggling Project
As Steve says:

"Since July 2001 a small band of talented young people have rented space to learn, practice and perfect a wide range of circus skills.

Ranging from beginners to advanced, the club represents a synthesis of professionals and hobbyists.

February 2002 saw our first outing; to the Glasgow Juggling and Face Painting Convention There, club members ran and attended workshops, and performed in the main show.

Bursting with enthusiasm, and armed with a youth challenge grant from Stirling Council Youth Support, we descended on the British Juggling Convention 2002 in Whitstable (Kent) at Easter.

In August 2002, the gang headed off to Bremen for the European Juggling Convention having successfully raised enough money by putting on shows and workshops throughout the summer to send 6 people all expenses paid! Our fundraising efforts made such a good story, that we even appeared in the Daily Record (Scotland's biggest newspaper)!!"

For more info on the Sterling Juggling Project, visit .

For Steve's HomePage, go to

3. Contest - Win a Set of Clubs

Want a FREE set of Juggling Clubs? Just guess how many BALLS we have sent out over the last half year. I know, it's kind of like guessing how many jelly beans in the jar, without even being able to see the jar!! But hey, what do you have to lose?

One entry per subscriber. Winner judged according to our count of all balls sent out between June and December 2002. Closest to the actual number (above or below) wins a free set of Clubs. (In case of a tie, earliest entry wins.) Ends when our next newsletter comes out (around the beginning of February.) Check that newsletter for YOUR name. You don't even need to be a juggler to enter, just a subscriber to **jugglenow News!** Go ahead, take a guess...

Email your guess to

4. New Products

Media Circus - Juggling Tutor

We now carry Media Circus - The Juggling Tutor - on CD. Many of you have heard of this, or even have it. This is the Second Edition, just out.

Media Circus - the juggling tutor is a cd-rom that teaches juggling and other circus skills. Combining the advantages of a book with the personal tutor of a live video demonstration, you can learn ball & club juggling, contact juggling, diabolo, devilstick and cigar boxes. Starting with the basics, you can progress through to advanced tricks in each skill area - enough to keep you entertained for years.

The new edition cd-rom includes:
Over 80 new tricks
Contact juggling section
Two diabolo section
Spoken tutorials to accompany text
Larger, higher quality video clips that can be viewed full screen
Video clips can be slowed down to any speed with a single click
Easier navigation with drop down menus

Price is $29.95. But for our subscribers you can get it for a limited time for $21.95 - $8.00 off regular price. At checkout, just enter this code JUGNOW277 and your discount will automatically be taken off. Code good through Jan. 31. For more information, or to order, go to

Programmable Message Clock

We've added a new product. Ok, it's not juggling related exactly, but it's just too cool not to offer!

The Programmable Message Clock, displays time, date and messages floating miraculously in space. Built-in daily and seasonal greetings.

Or, program up to four of your own messages to appear on the dates YOU choose - to surprise friends, family or colleagues with a "Happy Birthday", or "Welcome to!" Messages can show up daily, or just on a specific date (to wish "Happy Birthday" to some one special.)

It sells for $90, and will mesmerize everyone who sees it. (You can find it at Brookstone stores too - but there, it sells for $100!) AND, again a special for our subscribers, you can get an Extra $5 off. Just enter the code JUGNOW288 at checkout.

Please note: only one code (for the clock or the Juggling Tutor CD) - will work on one order. If you happen to want both (save on shipping) just email me, and we can do both discounts over the phone. Note: Codes good through Jan. 31.

To order, or for more info, please visit

Our "Anti-Gravity" Diabolo will be going up a little in price, due to higher manufacturing costs. But, to give you a chance to still order at $14.50, I'll keep them at that price for at least another week.

See them at

5. A Request

I have a request. If you like, please take just a minute to rate our site. 10 is best. This is with Circustuff, a circus and juggling related site. And a high ranking (as we have had) is a help in letting others know about jugglenow.

You have my personal thanks if you can take the time for this! (Just takes a few seconds actually.) Just pick the number below to rate the site (10 is best) and click "Rate It." You do have to be connected now to the internet to do this. If you're not, you can also do it on our home page next time you visit (toward the bottom of the page.) My Thanks!

Rate this Site at the Circus Directory - 10 is best


6. Final Thoughts

For all your Juggling Needs, please visit our store. We've restocked since Christmas, and are ready to serve you for all your juggling needs. Visit our store at

Again, my apologies for sending out a "repeat copy" of the December newsletter last week. For those new subscribers in the past week, I hit the wrong button, and everyone received the Last newsletter, everything outdated. Ah, well. Hope this one is worth the wait for you.

For all communications, send email to me at

And, don't forget to use your Subscriber Discount code. For Media Circus Juggling Tutor CD, use JUGNOW277. For this very Unique Message Clock, use the code JUGNOW288. Codes good through Jan. 31.

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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Our storefront is at

Copyright, 2003
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