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** jugglenow News! **, Issue # 13, Summer Juggling Fun
July 04, 2003

4th of July, 2003

Welcome to this edition of Your Juggling newsletter!

This will be a relatively short newsletter - with a Juggling Special Shipping offer, and a few quick notes. Next issue we will announce the winner of our Juggling Definition contest, and announce a New contest.

And, I'm already working on the next newsletter. This next one should be out in only a couple more weeks. I haven't gotten the newsletter out as often as planned, but really am working toward one issue a month. (I think I may make up for the delay of this issue with a very special Offer on ALL our juggling supplies.) Read on....

Note for those of you who receive this newsletter in text only version: You can always go to view the back issues when you're online for the HTML version. See the bottom of this newsletter for the link to back issues.

Note: For all links within the newsletter, you need to be connected to the internet.

** jugglenow News! **


1. IJA Festival Coming

2. Contest Update

3. Free Shipping Offer

4. Final Thoughts

1. IJA Festival Coming

This section is for articles about juggling clubs and festivals. So if you have something you would like included, be sure to let us know.

The International Juggling Association Festival is coming this month. We'd love to hear if any of you are going! I thought I would make it this year, but just not enough time to get away.

If any of you do make it to Reno, we'd love to publish some pictures of you at the festival - Send 'em along when you get back.

IJA Festival is July 14-19, 2003 in Reno, Nevada.

2. Contest update

We challenged you to send your Best Definition of Juggling.

As we said, if there are some really good answers, we may even devote a page to the answers - and that way, we'll be able to include more... and give YOU "fifteen minutes of (juggling) fame." Well, the answers are great. We will be devoting a page to the answers, and will announce that page and the winners of the Juggling Definition contest in the next newsletter.

3. Free Shipping Offer

A very Special Offer this issue -- Get Free Shipping on All orders over $30! Good through July 18.

On checkout, just enter the code JUGNOW440 and there will be no shipping on orders over $30.

Have you been wanting to finally get a good set of Juggling Balls & a set of Rings? Now you can. With Free Shipping.

Only till July 18. Must order through our jugglenow YahooStore at the following address. Don't miss out - Order now at

4. Final Thoughts

For those of you who perform outdoors in the heat of summer, - or really for any of you who spend some time out the summer heat, we have a new Cooling product you may be interested in. I've been using it this past week as I work in the garden in the 90+ degree weather. And, it's been great! It's an inexpensive headband that you soak in water for five minutes, and it keeps cool for a long time.

See more (and order) at Add this onto your order for our "no shipping charge" Special!


More contests, another Book Review, more fun, coming in the next issue. Coming Before the end of July!

And, don't forget to take advantage of free shipping, on all orders over $30. Just enter the code JUGNOW440 on checkout. Shop now at

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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