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** jugglenow News! **, Issue # 11, New Contest
March 19, 2003

March 19, 2003

Welcome to this edition of Your Juggling newsletter!

Another busy month, and we're about to head off to a Juggling Festival (See Festival article below.) New ongoing article starts with this issue too - Juggling Book Reviews. And, a new contest. Read on... and enjoy!

Note: For all links within the newsletter, you need to be connected to the internet.

** jugglenow News! **


1. Juggling Festival in Pittsburgh ...and we'll be there!

2. Juggling Book Reviews

3. NEW Juggling Contest with Great Prize Package

4. Winners Announced

5. Final Thoughts

1. Juggling Festival in Pittsburgh

...and We'll be There

This section is for articles about juggling clubs and festivals. So if you have something you would like included, be sure to let us know.

March 21-23 is the First Annual Pittsburgh Juggling Shindig. Who is hosting the event? The University of Pittsburgh Campus Fools. And, it looks to be a great time!

It's coming SOON. So make some quick plans now. And, if you can attend, please stop and say "hello!" we'll be there - with juggling supplies from jugglenow for sale. .

Here's a schedule of Events....
Friday March 21, 5:30-???
Location Posvar Hall (Normal Campus Fools Meeting Place)
Open floor juggling, unicycling and get to know the Campus Fools.

Saturday March 22,

JUGGLENOW will have a juggling sales table set up from around 10:00 am till 5:00 pm.

10am Registration
10-11 Open Floor Juggling
11:15 Workshops Start
Club Juggling (Beginner and Advanced)
Contact Juggling (Beginner and Advanced)
Balloon Twisting
Cigar Boxes
Fun with 3balls
Jay Gilligan will also be Teaching some of the Workshop Activities

1:15 Unicycle Basketball Game, 1/2 court, but lots of fun.
2-4pm Games
Simon Say's
Best trick
Quarter Juggling
5 ball endurance

4:30 Raffle

5:00 Break for dinner.

All Day Activities- Juggling, Urban Trials Unicycling, FUN for all!

Festival SHOW!
Amateur Jugglers and performers from RIT, New York City, and The Campus Fools World Debut of Jay Gilligan and Kelsey Long's new act.

Sunday March 23
11:00am - 2:00pm Muni (Mountain Unicycling) Ride at Frick Park

Hope to see You there! If you want more info about this, visit their website at

2. Juggling Book Reviews

This is an ongoing column - Watch for more juggling-related book and video reviews on a regular basis (in each newsletter, about once a month.) The intent is to present honest and personal reviews of new and old juggling-related books. Drop us a note if you have a book or video that you would like reviewed.

The Art of Juggling by Ken Benge

What a perfect book to start this "Juggling Book Review" column. This book came out when I was first learning to juggle! And reading it again, I realize it was from The Art of Juggling that I got many of the "tricks" that I started with. (And, yes, I still have that original 1977 edition.)

It IS a good book for any juggling library. For a number of reasons. Good, clear instructions for beginners. Plus enough to keep you working on new juggling feats for a long time.

The first and last chapters may be my favorite. It is in these two (rather short) chapters that Ken Benge "inspires." From very personal experience, he shows what juggling can do. What is the allure of juggling? As he says, "It may sound unlikely that an hour of daily juggling can positively affect the rest of your life. But it has and it does."

In between there are very clear, concise instructions - starting with the basic 3 ball cascade. And continuing with "intermediate" and "advanced" patterns. The instructions become rather "dry" to read. But they work. And the inspiration to practice, and to do more will come from your own personal accomplishments. Benge laid the groundwork, then leaves it in your hands (literally and figuratively) to progress as you want. No need (as he points out) to follow "step by step, cover to cover."

There is plenty to keep you coming back. With all the variations. Plus some nice related chapters... from "Bounce juggling" to "balancing" objects. (A short, but good introduction to balancing.)

The chapter on "Partners Juggling" is definitely one to look at. There is even something fun in it for beginners. And the explanation for passing balls (and clubs) is very well written. And by the way, it's not as difficult as you may think, once you have the basic cascade.

With the chapters on "Stops and Starts," "Numbers juggling" and "Performing," The Art of Juggling is a "classic" and a great book for any juggling library. Be sure to look up one of my personal all time favorite moves that I found about 25 years ago - the "neck catch."

Let me know what YOU think. If you don't have it already, we'll take $1 off the regular low price (on sale till March 31) at

3. NEW Juggling Contest

Webster's Dictionary says that juggling is "keeping several objects continuously moving from the hand into the air." (Or, "practicing fraud or deception.") But! Does that say it all? Something seems "left out." Can you give a better definition of juggling? You can win some great prizes.

Send your Best Definition of Juggling. Just answer "What is Juggling?" in 50 words or less.

Winner based on creativity, originality, and just being a "good" defining answer. Can be serious, or funny, but it should *define* juggling. In 50 words or less. (Remember, less is more.)

Winner will be chosen by 5 juggling and non-juggling "judges." (Note: Write your own definition. You are responsible for any "copyright" violations.) One entry per person.

The Prize? First Prize is a set of Clubs AND a set of Rings AND a set of our High Quality 4-Panel balls made by Higgins Bros. We'll even throw in a set of jugglenow "logo" balls. Prize worth over $60! AND, the runner-up will receive a set of 3 of the 4-panel balls (Value of approx. $18.) May be some "honorable mentions" published on as well. If there are some really good answers, we may even devote a page to the answers - and that way, we'll be able to include more... and give YOU "fifteen minutes of (juggling) fame."

By sending an entry, you agree to allow jugglenow to publish your answer, your first name, and where you're from. (Last name, email, and/or website will also be included if YOU want.)

Contest generally ends when the next newsletter comes out - but for this one, we may take TWO newsletters (depending on the response.)

So, take a few minutes, and send your entry to Include (at least) your First name, where you're from, and YOUR definition of "Juggling."

4. Winners Announced

This contest's prizes are....
1st Prize - Set of Rings
2nd Prize - Set of 4-panel Balls
3rd Prize - Set of Scarves

And the winner is....

...But first...

What a great response! And some great notes from our readers too. Good to hear from all of you. I meant to write back to everyone who sent a note in with their entry, but suspect I missed quite a few. Hey, I've been working on THIS newsletter, and, and... etc. etc. But ALL the responses are appreciated!

I'd like to give a prize to everyone, but... We're trying to be fair. All entries were (literally) put into a basket, mixed well, and drawn with our pet Sun Conure, Sonny, overseeing the "fairness." (See pic. Note these were scraps with your names all written in.)

If you didn't win, we will continue these contests. --As you see elsewhere in this issue of **jugglenow News!** - with a great Prize Package!

Alright. Here we go...

1st Prize goes to....

Florian Vandemeulebroucke

2nd Prize goes to...

Michael Yitzhak

3rd Prize goes to...


I'd love to hear from all the winners. (If I don't, I'll write and let you know you've won!)

Congratulations. And, remember, more contests coming! By the time we're through, I hope EVERYone has won, at least once!

5. Final Thoughts

If you would like to see more pictures of our contest "judge" Sonny, please Visit (You can see Bubba and Beckett, our other birds, there too.) .

More contests, more fun, coming in the next issue.

For all your Juggling Needs, please visit our store. Visit our store at

For all communications, send email to me at

And, don't forget to send in YOUR entry to win! "What is Juggling?"

Send entry to

Plus remember, you can take advantage of $1 off this month's Feature Book Review - The Art of Juggling by Ken Benge. On Sale till March 31. At

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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