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JuggleNow News, # 28, 2 Quick (Exciting) Things
March 23, 2006

March 23, 2006

I just want to share 2 things in this issue. Two things that I'm rather excited about. Read on....

Hope you enjoy this issue,

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** JuggleNow News! **


1. Juggling Video

2. New Book with ME in it

1. Juggling Video

There has been a pretty amazing Juggling video that has been circulating, by Chris Bliss. Chris, I believe, is mainly a comedian, but finishes his act with a juggling routine, that is certainly worth watching. (No cost of course.)

I have just added the video to the JuggleNow site. Several of you told me about the video in the first place (thanks for that.) And more of you have probably seen it already. But! I've added a very special, extra video too!

So... if you haven't seen the Chris Bliss video, watch that first. Then watch the second video at the bottom of the page! If you thought the first one was good, this one will blow you away!

Just go to and enjoy! And let me know what you think.

2. New Book with ME in it

This isn't about juggling, but I just have to tell you about it. There's a new book (printed, not digital) by David Dutton where he interviews 9 successful people on the internet. And I'm one of them!

There are some pretty big names too, but David's not announcing who they are. Anyhow, if you're at all interested in taking a look, you can join his private launch list. (I'll tell you how in a moment.)

This isn't any kind of affiliate link, and the printed book will be sold for a measly $14. I just thought you might be interested in reading about what I and several others have been doing on the internet.

It was set to be released March 22, on David's birthday. But there have been a few minor delays, so it will be a couple more weeks. If you get on his list, you'll be the first to know about it.

Just go to

Listen to the short video clip there. David is working on getting as many sales of the book on the day of release as possible. He'll tell you more on the video. David's a great guy, and I'd like to help him out by spreading the word about the book.

So go to and find out more.

You'll even see that he made a bet with his Mom! Help him win the bet. And hey, learn a bit more about me ;-)

And don't forget to watch the amazing Juggling videos (and tell your friends about them) at Let me know what you think of the videos!

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
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