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JuggleNow News, Issue # 25, What's New...
November 07, 2005

November 8, 2005

Hope you enjoy this issue,

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** JuggleNow News! **


1. Where Have I Been?

2. New Contest

3. What's New at Our Store?

4. Contest Winners

5. Keeping the Balls in the Air... Final Thoughts

1. Where Have I Been?


I have tended to keep these newsletters very "juggling related" and have not said much personal about myself. I'm not sure why, since I've developed some great relationships with some subscribers, mainly through email. I do love hearing from you. And I do get behind in answering personal messages, but know that I appreciate them.

Since last issue, about World Juggling Day, I spent a lot of time with a new program to showcase some of the pictures from that day. Very cool program but never quite got it working, so I will just get some of those pics onto a page of the JuggleNow site. That put off the next newsletter, having wasted time with that.

More recently ...and here it does get a bit more personal, but you deserve to know why there were some delays in getting orders out, and responding to your emails, and in getting this newsletter out....

I spent several weeks out of town, about 12 hours away, with my Mom who passed away Oct 5 after about a week and a half in the hospital. Tough times, but in a way, quite joyous too. I did get to spend some great quality time with her. And until she went into the hospital, at 93, she was quite active, playing bridge and bingo, and out to eat often. If I can make it that long, with her optimism, I too will have a very full life.

When I started offering products for sale at JuggleNow, it started with just one product... Balls that my Mom crocheted, from her own original pattern. People were already finding JuggleNow online, and the balls started selling well, so I then went on to expand our line to 100's of quality items. So in that sense, I have my Mom to thank for the success of JuggleNow... even though she had no idea about this internet thing.

And I have you to thank for its success too! Thank you, sincerely.

I hope you'll remember JuggleNow for your Christmas shopping. I've added more new items recently. I'll mention a couple a little later in the newsletter.

And so... on to "juggling stuff"...

2. New Contest

Let's just do a nice easy one! All you have to do is email me and put "contest" in the subject line. You can "reply" to this newsletter, or email to, replace "-at-" with "@" though.


1st prize: A $35 Gift Certificate to use at our store however you like!

2nd prize: A $20 Gift Certificate to use at our store however you like!

3rd prize: A $10 Gift Certificate to use at our store however you like!

4th and 5th prizes: A $5 Gift Certificate to use at our store however you like!

No cost to enter. Just email me with "contest" or something similar in the subject line. Entries accepted till November 20, 2005. That gives you almost 2 weeks, but so you don't forget, send along your entry now.

3. What's New at Our Store?

Just a few of the New Items....

For those of you interested in Diabolos, I'm really excited about this one. It compares to the Rubber King which sells for $35, but this is just $20, and includes some great new handsticks. Great for Pros and Beginners. It's the "Athena," the first one listed at

And on that same page, is a new flower stick, toward the bottom of the page. Great quality, and only $19.75, including color coordinated handsticks.

If you haven't tried the Diabolo or Flower Stick yet, those are a great choice!

Also on that page, you'll see a new "Do-It-Yourself" Flower Stick. It's a Flowerstick that you can decorate yourself. Use the included DVD to learn how to decorate and how to use the Flowerstick. A great deal at that price, but if you place an order for $125 or more, I'll include this Free. Only for a couple weeks, till Nov. 20. This is good only for JuggleNow Newsletter subscribers! When ordering, just include a note saying you're a subscriber and would like the free "kit."

There are a few other new things you'll find there too, and I'll be adding more this week.

4. Contest Winners

From our last issue, from the World Juggling Day registration, here are the winners.........

1st Prize - A set of our one-piece clubs -
Marcel from Issaquah

2nd Prize - A set of our 4-panel balls -
Nathan from Lacombe

3rd Prize - A set of Juggling Scarves -
David from Longwood

If you're a winner, just send me an email (reply to this newsletter) and send your mailing address, and I'll get your prize right out!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the contest. And don't forget to register for this issue's contest!

5. Keeping the Balls in the Air... Final Thoughts

Here's one thing I can't resist making available to you. It was originally to be only for subscribers to my newsletter, but if you have a web site, I'll let you in on this too....

You probably know how valuable audio can be on a web site. And one of the proven best products to add audio is Sonic Memo. I've acquired the rights to offer this directly from my site, and for a very limited time, I am offering it at almost 1/3 off the regular price. I'll leave it available for you for at least a week, but can't promise it will be available much longer. And it's only a one-time cost, not one of those monthly fees.

And it's the latest version - Sonic Memo Pro - updated after Sonic Memo 3. See more at....

If you use, or want to use audio on your site, I hope you'll take advantage of this very special offer.

And here's just a fun site I have....

I made it for fun, and there are only a couple people there so far. If you'd like to "buy me a drink" great, but certainly don't feel obligated. If you do happen to decide to do that, I will make a protion of that available to a memorial that I'm doing for my Mom. In fact, if you get Sonic Memo Pro above, I will use a protion of that for the Memorial too!

Feel free to forward this newsletter to any friends that may be interested.

I've mentioned it before, but for anyone interested in having their own web site, I have to mention a perfect solution. By the way, it's through this same web site solution, that we have the new store....

Site Build It!

That's all for now. And thanks for listening.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

616 Western Ave.
Covington, KY 41011

Send me your thoughts (juggling or not) to (or "reply" to this newsletter.)

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