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** jugglenow News! **, Issue #005 -- Getting Ready for Christmas
November 13, 2002

November 13, 2002

Welcome to the latest edition of Your Juggling newsletter!

Note: For all links within the newsletter, you need to be connected to the internet.

** jugglenow News! **

** jugglenow News! ** is dedicated:
-- To help bring Jugglers together on the Web (Stories, Events, Articles, etc.)
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Tell your Friends to join us. For Jugglers and Jugglers-To-Be, Everyone welcome!


1. Christmas Juggling Gift Ideas

2. Juggling Friends from around the World

3. Juggling Clubs - Send your Stories

4. Logo Balls

5. Sale!!

6. Announcements

1. Christmas Juggling Gift Ideas

Yes, Christmas is well on the way. We'll just start this issue with a few ideas for some very special Gift Suggestions.

Of course, you can just browse through our store at
You're always welcome to ask about any of our products as well. Feel Free to Email me at .

But, I want to mention a few New Additions, especially in time for Christmas.

First, an exciting addition for us! Virtual Juggler 3D Computer Game! Ok, It's not exactly juggling, but it is great Fun! We are about the only place so far where you can find this game (besides from the developers.)

100+ levels packed with fun! Play with juggling clubs, balls, eyeballs, coconuts, torches, chickens... (chickens?) Yes you even actually juggle chickens, and LOTS more!!

"Addictive, action packed, arcade style simulation..." bonus power ups, animations, cool stereo sound.

Hilarious VIDEO intermissions that include "World Record Breaking" juggling by Gold Medallist entertainer Jason Garfield. And, it's on sale on our site now for just $12.95. See Virtual Juggler at

And, just a couple more "Gift" Ideas...

This Boxed Set of our 4-panel balls are not only terrific quality balls, their Box is pretty elegant looking. Great Gift! See them at .

And, of course, there is the ever popular Gift Certificate! As of now, it's only available in $25 certificates, but if you would like a different denomination, just write and let us know. It's good for ANY and ALL of our equipment. Order at .

And don't forget to check our Sale Section below!

2. Juggling Friends from Around the World

There have been some Great people from all over the world that we have been writing to. With their permission, here are just a few.

First, from Siberia, is Nikita. He's a student in the 4th course of History Department at Irkutsk State University. He's a Juggler, and also loves Mark Knoppler. As Nikita said, "I'm a biggest fan of Dire Straits and the member of RUSSIAN FAN-CLUB of Mark Knopfler!" He also sent along some Great Artwork he did for Mark Knoppler's birthday. (Writing this, I realize I haven't answered in a while. But, Nikita, I will.)

And, not too long ago, we received this letter:

"My name is Oli, aged 14, and yesterday i searched for a website that would tell me how to juggle. I found yours and printed off the instructions. Today I can now juggle, not amazingly but up to about 10 throws, with 3 balls so i would like to say thankyou for your helpful instructions. So far I have had to juggle with tennis balls as i have no juggling balls and i would be extremely appreciative if you could spare 3 juggling balls to help me to juggle better. From Oli, England"

We did send a couple sets of balls to Oli. He updated us with this:

"hello jim i was very happy when i recieved the juggling balls you sent me. They got to my house on the 6 november. and i have already learned some new tricks. i can now throw the ball under my right or left arms and sometimes under my left leg, and carry on juggling."

Good job Oli, keep us updated with your Juggling!

3. Juggling Clubs - Send your story

This should be an ongoing section, so if you have a Juggling Club that you would like mentioned, let us know. Just send info to .

Coming soon is a Brand New Club at the University of Maine. Watch for more info on them soon.

We've heard from a great educational juggling club at Glenpool Public Schools.

The newest and wildest thing at Glenpool High School (Oklahoma) is JUGGLING!! That's right, Glenpool is juggling with a new club. Students have formed a Juggling Club. The new club meets twice weekly to learn new skills, imporve old skills and teach beginners how to juggle. The idea of a juggling club was introduced by Joey Newsom, Glenpool Mathematics Instructor. Within only a few months, club membership has grown to about 25 students. The purpose of the club is really two fold. First and foremost is to provice the opportunity for students to learn a new and exciting skill. Second, there are tremendous academic benefits to learning to juggle. The most obvious is an increased ability to focus and concentrate. Teachers love it when students can concentrate on their subjects for longer periods of time. Another side benefit of learning to juggle is a student's willingness to attempt new tasks in spite of the fact that "drops" may happen. Newsom often says to his jugglers, "In life, like juggling, drops are going to happen. The most important thing is to focus on the solution, not the fact that the drop happened."

The Glenpool Juggling Club recently participated in the Homecoming Parade (that was fun...riding on a moving trailer on a windy day trying to juggle). Plans are set for future presentations during half-time of several Basketball games as well as an end of year Variety Show. The students have taken the "ball" and gotten it rolling (or should I say juggling). The most impressive thing that has been noticed is the students willingness to try new challenges, take them head on, and work on them relentlessly until they have succeeded. Today, isn't the world looking for people who will do that very thing in the work place. Watch out world, Glenpool has JUGGLERS ready to face any challenge that is "tossed" to them.

4. Logo Imprinted Balls

We now offer Logo Imprinted Balls on several styles of the balls we carry. And much more affordable than you might imagine.

In fact, with many of our Christmas Orders, randomly inserted in orders, you'll find a Surprise jugglenow logo-ed set of balls included. If interested in Your Own Logos on Balls, just drop a line at

5. This Month's Sale!

And, now, The Sale for this Newsletter

First, we are going to offer one of our most popular, best made, juggling balls. Our High Quality 4-Panel Balls - Normally $5.90 each - Now On Sale for our Subscribers Only! for just $4.90 each. One dollar Savings PER Ball! Great opportunity to try these. Or add to your collection. (Been thinking of working on 5?!) Of course they make a great Gift for your Favorite Juggler. See them at .

To get these balls at this price, you will need to enter this code at Checkout: jugnow229 (Caps or small letters do not matter.) Price will automatically be adjusted.

And, second, for Diabolo Fans (or if you've been wanting to try the Diabolo) we'll include a Free Set of Handsticks with Every Diabolo! No code necessary - and since it's for subscribers only - just request a set on your checkout form. (Or write to us in separate email.)

Note: Both of the above offers are good till November 24.

You can pass these offers on to family and friends, but please, encourage them to sign up for ** jugglenow News! **

In time for Christmas, we will send out another Newsletter with more specials. So watch for that in just a couple weeks. We have plenty in stock, and we'll do our best to keep everything in stock. But remember to order as early as you can.

6. Announcements

1. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Juggling Merchandise from CafePress! T-Shirts, but a whole lot more. Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Cards, Mugs, Christmas Stockings! And all are JUGGLING-Related.

Many of the pictures are "previews" of our soon-to-be-released Book of Juggling Graphics. These are ordered separately from our main jugglenow Store. But Orders of $50 or more ship Free! (For a limited Time.) Visit our CafePress store - T-shirts, Mugs, Mousepads, and a whole lot more.

2. Our ebook of original Juggling Graphics is also coming. It'll be offered first to you as a Subscriber, at a very special price.

3. "Winners" of Free Sets our Balls, being the "50th signup" for our newsletter will be announced next time. There have been a couple winners since last issue - We just got behind on informing the winners. But They'll know soon!

4. We have just begun a New Site at Yes, it's about Parrots (and other Exotic Birds.) Just getting started, but let us know what you think!

It (like was built using SiteBuildIt. For those of you who don't know, Site Build It! is an "All-In-One" Web hosting building help for anyone interested in building a quality Web Prescence. If any of you are interested in building your own site, or expanding an existing one, this company is certainly worth looking into. I'd personally be glad to answer any question about my experience with them.

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And a Last Minute Addition to the Newsletter! In the next couple days, Watch for AUCTIONS on some of our equipment. There will be a button on the Home Page of

A Few Quick Ending Notes

For all communications, send email to me at

I've mentioned this one before: If anyone is interested in linking to jugglenow's Store, we are setting up an "affiliate program" where you could earn a percentage of all sales that come from your site! If interested, send an email to Applying doesn't necessarily mean being "approved" - but this may be a great way to add funds to your Juggling Organization.

That's all for now... And...
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson
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And,, don't forget to Use your special $1 Off code for every Quality 4-Panel Ball - JUGNOW229 - by Nov. 24!
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