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JuggleNow News , Issue # 15, What's New...
November 01, 2003

Nov 1, 2003

I haven't gotten jugglenow News! out as often as I had hoped. Busy working on the site, and on our new site at But... I will continue to work toward getting an issue out at least once a month. (Rather than every 2 months, as it's been.) Hope you find this issue worth the wait. Next issue of jugglenow News! should be out in just a couple more weeks.

Upcoming issues will include more Book Reviews, contests,, news on Juggling Organizations, and of course, some specials on our Juggling Supplies - in time for Christmas shopping. And new.... we'll be adding some exciting interviews with some great jugglers!
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** jugglenow News! **


1. Book Review

2. Contest Winners

3. Special Offer

4. Final Thoughts

1. Book Review

The Diabolo from A-Z

"The Diabolo from A to Z" relies more on pictures than words - and that's one of the reasons it is so effective. This is coming from a juggler, but not from someone who has mastered the Diabolo. And I found it very easy and clear to follow. Pictures speak louder than words. And this book uses tons of illustrations to help you learn the art of the Diabolo.

Whether you're a beginner, as I am, or more experienced with the basics of the Diabolo, "The Art of the Diabolo from A to Z" will keep you busy for a long time. Of course, it is always better to learn from a real teacher, but I used this book to teach myself the basics. And it worked! I've read (and followed the illustrations) through the whole book, and there is enough information to keep one busy for a very long time perfecting the Diabolo.

A sidenote... The videos "Diabolo Follies - Part I & II" are a great companion to this book too. There are notations in the book, where the illustration corresponds to a part on one of the videos. The videos certainly aren't necessary, but could be a fun (and helpful) future addition to your library.

While the Diabolo has been around for over 4,000 years, and probably started in China, people lost interest in the early 1900's it seems. It has just begun to become popular again in about the past 20 years. And growing daily. If you haven't tried it, this is the book to get you started. Easy to follow, with fun illustrations.

Of course, you can get this Diabolo A-Z book from us now for $9.85 (Have it in 2 days) at our Juggling Supplies store.

2. Contest Winners

Great to hear from all of you who sent in an entry to our last contest. If you didn't win this time, we'll have plenty more great contests coming in almost every issue. And... Here are the winners! !

Here is Sonny, our Sun Conure, as judge over drawing the winners. All names were put into a hat, and drawn one at a time. First draw was first place, etc.

First place prize of a Set of Clubs, goes to.........
Jim “The Juggling Teacher” Coley
On his entry, Jim wrote "While I’m at it…how about some pointers on club juggling…;)"
Guess ya do need them now, Jim. I'll see what I can do....

Second place, a Set of Rings, goes to.........
Michael from Manchester, England
Michael wrote, "I'd love a proper set of clubs as I've only got a crappy plastic set that are two light to do much with, although I can do Mill's Mess with them which is quite cool ) My favourite pattern with 3 balls at the moment is Mill's Mess all on forks; it takes a lot of concentration but it's great for showing off!"
Sorry Michael, no clubs, but let's see what you can do with Rings... ;-)

And Third place, a Set of Balls, goes to.........
Andy B. from Conway, New Hampshire.
These are a great set of balls, and I'm sure they'll last you a long time, Andy!

Congratulations everyone. And thanks for entering. It's always good to read any notes you send also. Be sure to enter the next contest in the next issue, for more great prizes. If you are a winner, send us an email (and let us know your color choices, and shipping address) - or we will contact you shortly, if we don't hear from you.

If you haven't visited lately, be sure to look at the Juggling Definitions sent in for our last contest. There's been a few new ones since the end of the contest, including a great original graphic, by Nikita, a friend in Siberia. (And you thought your winter was harsh....) Go to our Juggling Definitions page.

3. Special Offer

An early Christmas special for you.... Free shipping for all orders over $50 from our juggling store at On checkout, just enter this code - JUGNOW551 - for free shipping on all orders over $50.
Note - You do need to order from our jugglenow Yahoo store for this code to work.

Start your Christmas shopping now. But.... this offer is only good through November 8, 2003, so you'll need to take advantage of this right away.

4. Final Thoughts

We'll have another contest very soon. In fact, with Christmas coming, we'll get the next issue out in just a couple weeks.


Don't forget to take advantage of free shipping. Only good for the next week - through Nov. 8, 2003. Order $50 or more of Juggling supplies, and pay NO shipping. On checkout, enter the code JUGNOW551 at our Jugglenow Yahoo Store. (A great way to get the Diabolo book reviewed above, for no shipping charge.)


Watch the next issue for some exciting New Light Up Juggling Balls. We've been waiting for these to come in, and should be here soon. They're not on the site yet, so watch the next newsletter to find out more.

And watch the next issue for an announcement of our free juggling e-cards - that you can customize and send to your family and friends.


And here's a note for those of you interested in your own web site! If you've been thinking of using SiteBuildIt! for your web business, now's the perfect time. The Form-Build-It tool is just being released - should be added by the time you read this. For more info, visit Site Build It! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OK, no contest in this issue. BUT we'll send a free great juggling book to the first person who emails us with the correct answer to.... Where on, does the comment from Dick Franco appear? Dick Franco, World Champion Juggler, wrote "Three Ball Digest" and ""Three Club Juggling", two great books on juggling. Somewhere on are his comments. Be the first with the correct answer of where they are, and you get your choice of either of his books, free. Just send your answer to us at
See. It pays to read the whole newsletter. ;-)

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
Jim Nelson

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