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JuggleNow News, # 33, Contest News
July 16, 2007

July 16, 2007

A few fun things this time. Contest winners, a new contest, and how you can have a "page" of your own on JuggleNow! Read on...

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** JuggleNow News! **


1. Contest Winners and New Contest

2. I'll be Out of Town

3. Keep on Juggling...

1. Contest Winners and New Contest

Well, the winners have been announced for WJD 2007. They're listed on the WJD page where you registered for the contest. There's another contest there too, so let me tell you about that before you go. When ready, click here to visit World Juggling Day 2007 page with list of winners.

What's the NEW Contest?

Just send in YOUR story and picture (optional) of what you did on WJD. And you'll be getting your own page on JuggleNow when you do it!

There's a link to it on the WJD page that's linked above. But, click here to go directly to it!

2. I'll be Out of Town

One more trip out of town this summer. I want to let all of you know that, and hope it won't be a problem because orders will be a bit delayed shipping out.

A'Lona and I are going to New York City. From July 18 - 25. Although I used to live there for a while, this will be A'Lona's first trip to The Big Apple. Should be a fun time. Talk to you all when we return.

3. Keep on Juggling...

When I get back from NYC, I'll tell you about the incredible juggler we saw in Montreal last month. You've probably heard of him.

Plus, watch for an interview coming shortly with TWO juggling greats.

Don't forget to send your story in about World Juggling Day 2007 and enter the NEW contest! You can click on the graphic below.

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