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JuggleNow News, # 32, Vacation Special
May 20, 2007

May 20, 2007

I am getting a rare week or so out of town. So I'm giving you a special deal on select Juggling equipment. More below.

Hope you enjoy this issue,

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** JuggleNow News! **


1. World Juggling Day 2007

2. Vacation Special

3. New Pages Added

4. Keep on Juggling...

1. World Juggling Day 2007

A reminder, as mentioned in the last issue....

This year, World Juggling Day is June 16, 2007.

Register with us, and you'll be eligible for some fun Juggling Prizes. It only takes a minute. Click here to visit World Juggling Day 2007 page.

Take a look on that page at all the people that have already said they'd be juggling! From all over the world. Join in if you haven't already :-)

2. Vacation Special

It's almost impossible for A'Lona and I to "get away" for more than a day or two at a time, since we are the ones that pack and ship all the JuggleNow orders. But we are taking about 10 days for a little vacation!

I don't like doing that, because it will delay people's orders getting out, so as a small way of making up for that, for you as a subscriber of JuggleNow News, I am putting some of our most popular items on sale. At almost half off! Way lower prices than we've done before.

So, it's a great time to stock up on balls, rings, clubs, and more. I just ask your patience in getting them sent out.

We'll be gone from May 23 to about June 3. If you order before we leave, I will get them sent right away. Otherwise they will ship after June 3.

Because they are such great prices, I'm going to have to limit everybody to maximum of EACH item to 5 per person.

And the only place to get to this page is from this newsletter. It's OK to pass the link on to family and friends, but this is really just for you, for being a loyal subscriber and supporter of JuggleNow.

Oh, and don't choose Priority shipping option, as orders won't get sent out right away anyhow.

Here's where you need to go for these specials ;-)

Where are we going? It's about a 14 hour drive to Montreal! We spend about 5 days there, then to Stratford, Canada.

I'm actually going to attend a 2 day workshop in Montreal, but we'll stay to play a little too! In the fall, I'm teaching a course on How To Build An Internet Business using Site Build It!

I'm excited about teaching this course (Fall 2007) as each student will come out of it with a real online business of their own in 10 weeks! Site Build It is made for people to do it themselves, but the course will give people that little extra push. (Site Build It is what I've used to build by the way.)

Anyhow, that's the reason for the trip, but we'll have a lot of time for fun too.

3. New Pages Added

There are some new circus pages I've added this past week. One on the history of the circus in general. One on the history of how P T Barnum, and others over the past century started what is now Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. And one on the Circus today. Go to this page, for links to all our new (and old) Circus pages.

I'll be adding another soon too, after our trip to Cirque du Soleil this weekend!

4. Keep on Juggling...

Let us know what you think of the new pages.

Don't forget to register for World Juggling Day 2007! You can click on the graphic below.

That's all for now.
Keep Juggling...
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