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JuggleNow News, # 34, Holidays Are Coming
November 24, 2007

November 24, 2007

See below to see how easily you can build a Juggling Gift Wish List that you can send family and friends to. A big welcome to all new subscribers to JuggleNow News, and a thank you to everyone for supporting

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** JuggleNow News! **


1. Build Your Juggling Gift Wish List

2. What's New?

3. Keep on Juggling...

1. Build Your Juggling Gift Wish List

Let's have some fun with this! You can build your own page on JuggleNow and then send family and friends there, to let them know what you'd like for Christmas. Build your personal Juggling Gift Wish List.

We'll even give someone's gift wish for free. Announced right after Christmas.

Oh, and after Christmas, go ahead and leave a note there on your page if you got what you wished for.

Have fun with this. Be creative in what you ask for. Go ahead and explain why you want it - Want to try clubs, Need a new set of good balls, etc. Click here to make your own personal Juggling Gift Wish List!

2. What's New?

We continually add new items to our store, so please take a look around, with plenty of time to get that special gift for the holidays. Click here to visit. You might want to look around before you build your Juggling Wish List ;-)

For a different kind of Juggling treat for yourself or someone on your Christmas list, visit our other store at CafePress. There's a special discount you can use there, but only good till Nov. 28, 2007. On checkout, just use this code...


With that code, you get $15 off a purchase of $50 or more. Remember only good through Nov. 28. Click here to visit our CafePress Juggling Store. - Shirts, coffee mugs, cards, and a LOT more.

3. Keep on Juggling...

Don't forget to build your Wish List page. One of you will get your wish for free!

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Keep Juggling...
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