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Juggling this site into existence.

2002 was a fast growing year for JuggleNow. I had played around before with building web sites, but it was only in November of 2001 that I launched JuggleNow.com. Now in 2007, we continue to grow and add to the site.

Before JuggleNow was started, all the "html" and "ftp" and "search engine submission" stuff was pretty overwhelming. Then I happened to find SiteBuildIt which has allowed me to build this successful site, without the trouble of finding, and paying for, and learning a lot of different programs. It's very easy to use to build a "Web Presence." I can't speak highly enough about them. If you'd like to find out more for yourself about SiteBuildIt, just click here.

I've been juggling for over 25 years. And so, JuggleNow began as a way to reach other Jugglers AND Jugglers To Be! I had been working on a juggling book for several years, and decided to include some of the (free) Juggling instructions from the "book-to-be" on the site. And some information on different types of equipment. Hopefully to inspire others to pick up some balls and try it themselves.

After several months, and starting to get some traffic to the site, I noticed that I had a product to sell. I am still using some Crocheted Juggling Balls that my Mom made about 25 years ago. Realizing they had lasted that long (!) I knew I had a quality product. My Mom (then 90 years old) began making balls again, refining a few things, and they were offered for sale from the site.

As I continued to correspond with visitors to JuggleNow, questions about equipment kept coming up. I decided to look into expanding the line of Juggling equipment we carry at JuggleNow. Wanting to keep the focus on Quality, Affordability, and Fun, we now carry over 100 different items. Our equipment comes from about 10 different companies/manufacturers in 3 countries. Variety, Good Prices, and Personal Service to customers remains the focus as we continue to look for the best deals to offer to our customers.

I haven't been able to do this alone, getting help when needed. Especially from my girlfriend A'Lona - Packing orders and almost daily trips to the post office, etc. etc! (We send orders out right away!)

Of course, as I mentioned, I have also received a lot of help by using SiteBuildIt. Our traffic is several thousand unique visitors per month. Please write if I can answer any questions about SiteBuildIt. Of course, most of your questions can be answered by reading more about it by clicking here.

Please feel free to join the thousnads of subscribers to our Free Juggling Newsletter **JuggleNow News!**. (You can subscribe by clicking the "Subscribe" on the Left navigation bar.) We will continue to feature stories on some of our subscribers - Juggling Clubs and their web sites. Along with special offerings on our Juggling equipment.

If you send an email, I will see it. And answer. I welcome and invite your questions, thoughts, suggestions, etc. Contact us here.

Comments from Visitors to jugglenow...

"I was searching today and I came across your website. It is very nicely done!


World Champion Juggler - DICK FRANCO

Dick Franco has written a couple Great books - "Three Ball Digest" and "Three Club Juggling"
- both for sale by the way, on our site ;-)

Visit Dick Franco's site. .

Email at icanjuggle [at] earthlink.net


"Shopping with jugglenow.com was one of the most pleasant online shopping experiences I've ever had. Great products and great service!"
Aprille Williams

"You have gone above and beyond my expectations for a vendor. I truly appreciate your efforts and forthrightness.
Bernie Furshpan

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"I was very happy to find this site and was extremely happy with the processing of my order. I have told family members about the site and will also be purchasing more items from my Christmas list. I emailed a question about a product and received a prompt reply. I will do business with Jim again and again.

Jim is a pleasure to deal with. He is very helpful and his shipping is quick. I am spreading the word about his site and will continue to do business with Jim. I recommend this shopping site ~ very highly."
K. Fisher


Len McGrane, who writes a great weekly newsletter, sent this one in.

"Jenni and I are taking the kids to the beach for a week in the New Year. I've printed out those notes from your site, and I plan to come back from the holiday juggling. I'll let you know!"

And! He did! Len followed up with this...

"Jenni and I spent both on the beach, with the kids, swimming for 10 days and collecting sun tans. And juggling. It worked, Jim, I followed those instructions at your site and -- bingo -- after only a few days I can sustain a very respectable number of cycles. And that's with two tennis balls and a small irregular lump of drift wood that I substituted for the third ball (since I couldn't find three as I was leaving home). Still have to improve, but I'm stoked. This is GREAT! Thanks."
Len McGrane


"Jim Nelson was really helpful and very nice. He went above and beyond what we expected in terms of service. The juggle balls were a great hit too!!!"
Pamela Gardner


"Great experience... very fast response and fast shipping. Would definitely do business with them again. I can't wait till my son sees these on Christmas...he will love the light up juggling balls. Thank you again."
She later added: "My son absolutely LOVED the juggling balls and wants to get more."
Sheri Jahn

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My Best, and
Keep Juggling...

Jim Nelson