Fantazein Message Clock

Fantazein Floating Message Clock - a unique gift.

This is one thing that you really have to see to appreciate. Hard to do on the Web, but we will certainly honor our money back guarantee if not completely satisfied - for this, or any of our products. Everyone who sees this amazing clock will stop and stare - at YOUR Message.

The Programmable Message Clock, displays time, date and messages floating miraculously in space. Built-in daily and seasonal greetings, and animated graphics wish you —

"Good Morning", or

"Have a Spooky Halloween" - automatically!

Or, program up to four of your own messages to appear on the dates YOU choose - to surprise friends, family or colleagues with a "Happy Birthday", or "Welcome to!"

Mesmerizing digital animation locks in the viewer's attention.

Price lowered! $64.50

As with all of our products, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

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