Diabolos and Devil Sticks

We're starting with what we think are some great prices on Diabolos and Devil Sticks.

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Anti-Gravity Diabolo - 4.25' 227g - An exceptional 4 inch diabolo made from high quality EVA with a solid brass center piece for a superb spin. You will be very impressed with the price and the quality of this diabolo. - $14.50 each. Item #3006. Note: Handsticks not included. See below.

Available colors: Red, Yellow, Blue.

Choose Color

Or the Same Diabolo Glow-in-the-Dark Just $19.50.

Diabolo Handstick set

16' Handsticks with string. $1.95 each

Diabolo Instruction Booklet

Need some help getting started? A great instruction book is coming, but for now, add this nine page booklet to your cart for just 99 cents. Teaches the basics and tricks.

The Diabolo from A to Z

The Diabolo From A to Z - A 95 page book that covers pretty much everything about the diabolo. This book contains many, many tricks and even teaches the fine art of two diabolos. An excellellant book. If you're going to buy only one diabolo book, this is it! Highly recommended. $9.85 each. Item #3106.

Devil Sticks

The MultiLens Stick -(green/purple) A medium speed, precision turned solid wood devil stick with brilliant multilens decoration. Comes with black rubber handsticks - $24.50 each. Item #3038

The Stunt Stick - (yellow) A very durable, professional devil stick with black rubber handsticks. - $21.50 each. Item #3037

Flower Stick - Made from Canadian maple, this flower stick is easiest to perform tricks with because of the slow performance speed. Decorated with glitter foil on both ends and the middle. Very durable. Comes with black rubber handsticks. - $19.75 each. Item #3211

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