Dube Custom Clubs


My suggestion is the shorthandled, European club. All clubs (except the Glow in the Dark) are $35 each.)

European and Phatboyz Clubs Composite Style clubs are of a multi-piece construction (see cutaway illustration) as opposed to a one-piece (unibody) construction (such as the Airflite or Klassic American Club). Apart from the structural and decorative features described below, the resultant physics of this type of construction gives the club different handling characteristics (which are preferred by many). Ideally, a juggler should try the different models. Our Composite Clubs come in two basic models: the European and Phatboyz.

These Composite clubs have been precisely engineered. Each club is individually hand assembled around a hardwood dowel core. This core provides for linear rigidity and construction of our spring-flex handle feature (which makes the club easier on your hands). The main bodies are custom molded in a tough polyethylene. Knobs are machined from a durable dense foam and secured to the club with our unique screw/washer assembly. Our tapered foam end provides maximum impact protection. Each set is precisely weight matched (see the cutaway view with design features and details of construction).

We can custom decorate any model for you with virtually any combination of our available colors/patterns. European Club bodies are available in White, Black, and Glow-in-the-Dark; Phatboyz Club bodies are available in White only. Arc and handle decorations are available in a myriad of colors (see Colors & Patterns). See Samples for all the basic color combinations. Our European Clubs are available in two lengths (Longhandled and Shorthandled) and two weights (220 gm and 260 gm). If length is not specified, we will make your order longhandled. Phatboyz are made in one standard length and weight.

Color and Pattern Selection For Composite Clubs

We can custom decorate any model European or Phatboyz Club for you with virtually any combination of our available colors and patterns. Since there are a myriad of color combinations, most composite clubs are made to order. Please allow more time for these custom orders. We may have some of the more popular color combinations in stockâ€ıcheck with us if exact color is not crucial and/or delivery time is very important.


4th from the left (below) is a very nice choice. That's in red. Or any of those first ones, for different colors. The metallic is a great look, with a silver handle.