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5. Diabolos and Devil Sticks. Great prices!

What size? What weight? There are many different styles of juggling balls available -- so which is right for You?! Well, there's not one easy answer...

...As you gain experience in juggling, you'll develop your own preferences. But, to start, a good average size is about 2 1/2" diameter, with a weight about that of an apple.

We offer balls in a variety of sizes, colors, weights, and price. Our Handmade Bean Bag Juggling Balls are a great starting point - a very good average size and weight.

But, as you'll see, we also carry a variety of other juggling balls - with interesting and fun colors and designs....

...And all are offered in a very affordable price range - so you can experiment to find what works best - and looks best to you. Enjoy...

One Piece Club - Many jugglers started with these middle weight clubs. These durable clubs are great for introductory club juggling. Learn to juggle clubs at a very nice price. Safe for beginners because of the light weight of the club. Comes with instructions - For the beginner juggler, we have one piece juggling clubs. Our one piece juggling clubs are molded from high impact durable polyethylene. "One piece" means that the club is molded as one piece of polyethylene (as opposed to "two piece" clubs which are built from several pieces of hardware). These clubs are great for beginners who are ready to try their hands at club juggling! Wow! $23.75 for 3
Item #3023
Weight = 125g
Club Length = 19.5 inches
Only $23.75 for set of 3 Clubs!
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These juggling balls are all professionally manufactured and carefully examined many times before shipping.

Juggling Balls - Handcrafted from beautiful and bright stretch fabric. Each ball is simply a work of art and will please even the most fickle of jugglers. Balls made from this high end fabric are considered the best in the world! These 130g juggling balls are what jugglers prefer most. Available in an assortment of colours.

Only $5.90 each

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Juggling Scarves

Scarves are excellent for teaching large groups of people to juggle. Very good for hand-eye coordination. Float smoothly and slowly. Bright blue, orange and yellow.
$5.85 per set of THREE Item #3500

Juggling Rings

Juggling Rings 12 3/4" - These rings are preferred by professional jugglers all over the world. Tough polypropylene in bright colours. - $5.50 each
Item #3040

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Light Up Juggling Balls

50mm - Battery operated latex juggling balls with a bright light in them. With a flick of the switch you can juggle at night. Simply amazing for stage shows. Once you've seen these balls, you'll never go back to spending huge sums of money on other lighted balls! Approx. 2" diameter. Order THREE for a Set of LightUp Juggling Balls.

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RED Juggling Balls(only) - $11.95 each

We've had several questions about how these LightUp balls are for Dogs. So we did some "testing." Cyber loves it! No guarantees, but it has held up very well for Cyber!

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