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Here are some of the Definitions of Juggling that were sent in for our Contest.

With 5 "judges," the entries made for some difficult choices. But the results are in!

One of the things we found, is that finding a good definition is not easy. If you have one that you'd like us to include, please send it along with your first name and where you're from here.

As we said in the contest, we would like to include some of the better definitions that were sent in. So... here they are!

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Here's our winning Definition:
Juggling is: the propagation of mirth, frivolity, and jocularity, by way of
inane jokes, stupefying feats of balance, and the always astounding,
occasionally hazardous, art of airborne, multi-object manipulation.
--Christopher from Colorado

And our "2nd place" Definition:
Juggling is simply the manipulation of time and space to create the necessary patterns during a routine, or anything Else in life for that matter.

Runner up:
Juggling: In the beginning, it's a DESIRE to succeed but instead it's
Along with the constant bending over and chasing of balls!

Then, getting past the 4th, 5th and 6th throw, juggling means
excitement and determination!

In the end, juggling is: setting goals, determination and
A truly life altering activity! (Which, can be applied to
all areas of
one's life!)
--Candice McKee

Runner up:
Juggling is the realization that your hands can move faster than you ever thought possible, your brain works slower and that gravity is so much more efficient.
Cathy Wood from North Wales, UK
Runner up:
juggling - (n) 1. an artform (v) 2. the uniform tossing and catching of balls, scarves, rings, clubs, or fruit while making a pattern. 3. Done while performing, for fun, and for a hobby 4. Sometimes an obsession
--Natalie from Illinois
Keeping 2 or more objects air-bourne at the same time without breaking any of your neighbors' windows or your own toes.
--Dusty & Roger from San Diego, CA
juggle: 1. The action of keeping three or more objects in the air in motion for some time.
2. Frustration, Impossible, Trying, Difficult, Addictive.
3. An adrenaline rush when you beat your previous throw record, Fun,
Something to brag about, Rewarding.
--Lindsey McKee from Charlton, MA
Airborne objects coordinated to stay in rotation with the aid of human hands.
--Pookie - Catherine Libor from Hutchinson, MN
Juggler Lying down
I am trying to keep things in the air, they give me a scare what would happen if I didn't. As my brain starts zooming and my eyes start bouncing just watching the things that wiz by in front of my face. One thing slipped and Ouch!! MY TOE!!
I believe juggling is the maintaining of many objects as well as a means of attaining a certain amount of calm in your life.
It can help you avoid boredom and keep your arms in good shape too.
I recommend it for anyone who wants to maintain their sanity as well.
--Michael Davis from Castro Valley, CA
Juggling to me is an expression. I can show anger, contempt, and even happiness. Even though I'm just learning the 4-ball, I think everyone should try!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juggling Juggling is the manipulation of any object for the purpose of showing off and having fun, both are needed for the state of juggling to be attained.
--Brian Gadomski from Cleveland, OH
To me juggling is the single most relaxing thing I have ever done.
Simply said juggling is relaxation.
--Michael Davis from Castro Valley, CA
Juggling is where you have objects in your hand and make swooping and tossing motions from one hand to the other.
--Elana Cohen form Oakland, CA
When you keep (two or more objects) in the air at one time by alternately
tossing and catching them.
--Paul Niemczyk from Wilmington, MA
You can use your feet or hands to juggle and you don't necessarily have to
juggle a physical object to be juggling.
The art of projecting objects through the air,
passing between one's hands and the air.
--Timothy Spencer from Akron, OH
Def. of juggling - the process by which a person throws objects in the air continuously in certain patterns using their hands or any other body part to keep the objects thrown (at least 2) in the air.
--Travis Johnson from Petaluma, CA

Juggling: Keeping more objects than there are hands to hold them, moving in patterns through the air.
--Jim Nelson from jugglenow
Ok, I had to send mine in, although it wasn't eligible for the contest.

Juggling is throwing and keeping more objects than You have hands (one hand - 2 objects; two hands - 3 or more).
--Jacek from Kielce, Poland

Nikita's Juggling Definition Picture

The above picture was sent in by Nikita, someone I've been corresponding with, who has quickly become a friend! Nikita is from Siberia in Russia.

Juggling: The art of manufacturing a dynamic equilibrium by human means,
in which the average number of objects suspended in air, and the average number of objects in one's hand remain constant untill the quantity of air or objects is altered.
-Nathan Simpson

Juggling is meditation with balls.
-Cathy Wood,
Prestatyn, North Wales, UK

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