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WHAT to Juggle? - Juggling Equipment Ideas

About 25 years ago, I taught myself to juggle chasing tennis balls around a large empty room. It was a good workout, but I spent more time chasing the balls than catching them. (Tennis balls are Not the best.)

So, to start, try bean bag juggling balls. They don't bounce, they're a good weight for learning to juggle, and they're readily available. (For help in finding some bean bags for juggling, visit our Juggling Balls Page.)

Juggling suppliers make many types of juggling balls - and other juggling props. If you're just starting, find an inexpensive set to learn . As you experiment with different objects, you'll find the ones that feel best for you.

Juggling Equipment Ideas

If you're ready to start juggling and don't have bean bags immediately available, here's a couple ideas to get you started. Tennis balls are a good size, but they do bounce so you'll spend a lot of your energy retrieving them. They are also rather light in weight and so are a bit more difficult to catch. Baseballs are a good size, and a better weight (maybe a little heavy.) They don't bounce as much, but are more expensive. Then of course, there's always apples and oranges (the oranges being a lot messier when dropped too often!) You can find some great Beanbags on our Juggling Balls Page.

Don't put off starting because you don't have the best juggling balls. At least read through the first Juggling lessons. Look at some of the Juggling Equipment that's available. Begin the lessons with whatever balls you have around. As you try harder-to-juggle objects (like tennis balls) then, when you go to easier objects (like bean bags) the bean bags will seem even easier. In fact, you should always keep using more difficult objects. Then, when you go back to the "easier" objects, you'll find juggling those objects easier.

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