Juggling Gift Ideas

Looking for some Juggling Gift Ideas? This page lists some of the new, and special, Juggling Supplies - Especially our Most Popular Items. But, of course, you may just want to "browse" all of our pages. You are more than welcome!

Items pictured (or described) here, all have links to our Juggling YahooStore.

This page is meant to help those Non-Jugglers find that Special Gift for Juggling Friends and Family. Or Great Gifts to help that Special Someone Start Juggling!

Hope this helps. Any questions, feel free to contact us here.

Juggling Bags for balls.

Made from the same high quality materials as our Handmade Crocheted balls. Small size holds 3 balls. Large size holds 5-6 balls.

A nice gift for any juggler.

Find them (along with the matching balls) at http://juggling-equipment.jugglenow.com/juggling-balls.html

Superb Quality Balls! In an Elegant Box!

Sure to be treasured by All Jugglers. (Click on the image to go to our Store for more info.)

Of course, A Great Idea would be a jugglenow Gift Certificate! Click Here to visit Our Store for More Info.

This is one of our most popular items - Light up Juggling Balls! They take a replacable watch battery, and each battery lasts for about 25 hours of "on" time.

I'd be very surprised if any juggler wouldn't be pleased with this unique juggling prop.

For more Info, click here to go to visit our store for Light Up balls.