Our Most Popular Juggling Equipment

To make it easier to you to find what you need, - for yourself or a gift - here are our Most Popular Juggling Supplies.

Let us know if you need anything, that you can't find here! Just email jim@jugglenow.com.

Juggling Balls, Clubs, Rings, Scarves, Light Up Balls, Torches, Knives, Books - Plus Diabolos, Devil Sticks.

And... we'll give you our honest opinions about the equipment. Some are popular and listed here because of the price, and some because of the quality.


This is one of our Best Sellers! At just $2.99 per set of 3 juggling balls, this is a great value!

These ARE small - about 2" diameter. And are LIGHT weight.
Note - Most people will find the larger 2 1/2" balls easier to juggle, with a better weight and size. (Find some 2 1/2" choices below.)

Small Juggling balls







































































A great starter set of juggling balls! 2 1/2" diameter.

These are NOT the greatest quality honestly - seams will split, but for the price, they are certainly among our most popular juggling balls. I use them for teaching juggling to beginners all the time. Just $5.89 per set of 3.

Temporarily Unavailable


Large Juggling balls

Ahhhh! Here's the best!

4-Panel Juggling Balls

High quality material. Seams won't split. If you're serious, or want to have some juggling balls that WILL last, these are the perfect choice.

A choice of colors available. $5.90 per BALL, but well worth it! (2 1/2" diameter.)

Choose Color
4-panel Juggling balls

Quality Beanbag Crocheted Juggling Balls

Another great choice. Long lasting, colorful, great weight, and just $4.89 per BALL.

I've been using some of these balls for over 25 years, and they STILL work great. (2 1/2" diameter.)

Choose Color

Beanbag Juggling balls

Juggling Rings 12 3/4"

These rings are preferred by professional jugglers all over the world.

Tough polypropylene in bright colours. - $5.50 each (Order 3 for a set.)

Choose Color

Juggling Rings

One Piece Club - set of 3

Many jugglers started with these middle weight clubs. These durable clubs are great for introductory club juggling. Learn to juggle clubs at a very nice price. Safe for beginners because of the light weight of the club. Our one piece juggling clubs are molded from high impact durable polyethylene.

These are a good starter set, especially for the price! Just $23.75 per set of 3. Note: The Circus Clubs below are really weighted better, for easier juggling.

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Juggling Clubs

Circus Club set

Now this is a great club!

In our opinion, the Circus Club undecorated is the biggest bang for your buck. This is a totally professional club without the huge price tag. Other club manufacturers charge up to $100 for 3 for very much the same quality club. With a professionally wrapped handle, this club is sure to please. If you don't want to spent a lot of money but want a professional club, this one is for you. - $59.50 for Set of 3.

Choose Color
Circus Clubs

Juggling Scarves

Scarves are excellent for teaching large groups of people to juggle. Very good for hand-eye coordination. Float smoothly and slowly. Bright blue, orange and yellow. $5.85 per set of THREE.

Comes with instructions.

Juggling Scarves

Anti-Gravity Diabolo - 4.25' 227g - An exceptional 4 inch diabolo made from high quality EVA with a solid brass center piece for a superb spin. You will be very impressed with the price and the quality of this diabolo.

Note: Handsticks not included.

Colors vary from picture.

Choose Color
Diabolo Handsticks - $1.50 per set

The Diabolo from A to Z

A 95 page book that covers pretty much everything about the diabolo. This book contains many, many tricks and even teaches the fine art of two diabolos. An excellant book. If you're going to buy only one diabolo book, this is it! Highly recommended. $9.85

Diabolo book

Flower Sticks - Devil Sticks

Made from Canadian maple, this flower stick is easiest to perform tricks with because of the slow performance speed. Decorated with glitter foil on both ends and the middle. Very durable. Comes with black rubber handsticks.

$18.75 each

Devil Sticks

These 2" Light up Juggling Balls have been one of our most popular Juggling Equipment. Very unique - and now available in NINE colors!

$10.95 per Ball.

Choose Color

Light Up Juggling Balls

The Klassic Juggling Torch

This torch is great for juggling as well as swinging. One-piece, solid maple design. Integral round wood knob with flat end for balancing. High gloss finish in white. We screw-mount a wire-reinforced, non-asbestos wick securely to precision fitted aluminum tubing. Each tube is now manufactured for us in one integral piece with a closed end for maximum protection against fuel and fire. Each set is weight matched. Operating instruction sheet included.

Length: 51.4 cm (20.25 in.)
Diameter: 3.8 cm (1.5 in.)
Weight: (average) 255 gr (9 oz.)

#2220 Klassic Torch 27.75 each. Order 3 for a set.

Juggling Torch

The Art of Juggling - by Ken Benge

Everything from learning how to juggle three balls through advanced patterns. Over 60 different 3-ball tricks with diagrams. Starts, finishes, balancing, how to juggle 4, 5 or more (plus variations), bouncing, passing and performing. Although it is an older book, it is still one of the best comprehensive instructional books ranging from introductory to intermediate ball juggling. Highly recommended! Written by a former professional juggler and IJA president. (144 pp. Paper.)

Juggling book

Juggling Knives

Patented, custom designed and manufactured specifically for juggling with optimal weight and balance. The blades are precision cut from rust/corrosion resistant stainless steel. Solid hardwood handle in black or natural, both with a high gloss lacquer finish. The handle is secured to the blade with custom-made screw and sleeve fasteners, which allows for tightening if necessary or handle replacement. Spherical knob to facilitate juggling and swinging with a flat end for balancing. The cutting edge has been specially ground to appear sharp but is safe for handling.

Colors: Black, Natural.
Length: 50.8 cm (20 in.).
Weight: Approx. 340 gm (12 oz).

#3000 Juggling Knife $42.75 ea. Order 3 for a set.

Handle color

Juggling Knives

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