of course I will be Juggling on WJD

by Lauren Keenan
(West Chester, Pa)

Most likely I will be getting a routine together for a Disney

Audition Tape!
Sounds like fun! I will be doing a cigar box routine
to "Every Body Wants to Be a Cat"

I will also be working on Clubs, spinning plates, and doing some numbers work.
I could also be doing some unicycling, but I'm not sure yet. I Love

I was so excited to find out about World Juggling Day!

I have been juggling for over 4 years now and I am very excited to
begin my audition process for Disney. If I don't get in there I am
planning on starting my own little Juggling show. It is going to take
a lot of work but I'm ready for it. Juggling is just too much fun to
keep to myself.

I discovered a little club in my hometown when I was a Senior in High
School. Ever since I have been working with them and the juggling club
at the University that I go to. I am getting better every day. I have
learned to control my tricks, improvise, and just goof around.

I love Juggling!!!

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