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PopUp Generator Explodes Your Opt-In List And Turbo-Charges Your Sales

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Larry Pike,

"Your one popup generator program accomplishes what I used to have to use 4 different programs to do...It truly is amazing, blowing everything else I've seen off the market."
David Farr

"This is THE most full-featured pop up software I've EVER seen to date. Wonderful!"
Harmony Major,

"Popups have played in integral part of my opt-in email newsletter growing to 150,000 subscribers ... PopUpMaster Pro offers the easiest, most effective way to use popups at any website."
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"I've just been testing this out and ... am REALLY impressed."
Brian Austin,
Author of 'Web Page Design in Easy Steps'

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"Create Virtually Any Type Of PopUp In Just A Couple Of Minutes With This Powerful PopUp Generator"

 >>>  Includes brand new OptInOver™s that beat the popup software blockers - and sign up subscribers FAST!

Re: Popup generator lets your visitors subscribe - instantly!
From: Steve Shaw, Technical eMarketer
And brought to you by Jim Nelson


Dear Webmaster,

Popups are changing.

PopUpMaster Pro, widely regarded as the market leader in popup generator software, introduces for the first time the most incredible instant subscription system ever seen on the Internet:

  • It reaches over 95% of your web site visitors, more than any other type of popup - in fact, the only visitors who won't see it are those who don't have JavaScript turned on in their browser.

  • It captures your visitor's email address without them having to fill out a form.

  • It displays in full attention-grabbing color - you can add images, different fonts and font colors, and in fact, anything you want.

This amazing new type of popup is called an OptInOver™ - and it's exclusive to this powerful popup generator, PopUpMaster Pro.

"What a wonderful new marketing tool! We now collect many new requests each day for samples of our products. These leads have turned into lots of new customers!"

-- Chuck Begin, duracard.com

Here's what an OptInOver™ can do

  • Capture your visitor's real email address without them having to fill a form in - this makes it at least 10x easier for them to subscribe to your list. The visitor opts in using the email address from their browser, so you will rarely get Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses. This means your list will be many times more responsive than any other list

  • It's displayed in full-color HTML (unlike other auto-optin type popups) - you have full control over the content, the title, the colors used, the shadow, and various other settings

  • You get full frequency control - so you can determine the exact frequency at which the OptInOver™ is shown to your visitor

  • It's compatible with all major browsers, and ISPs like AOL

And, as long as you have some basic knowledge of how to edit your web page, you can use PopUpMaster Pro to add an OptInOver™ to your web site in just a few minutes.

Quite simply, it is the most effective method ever developed for extracting subscriptions from your web site - you will be capturing new subscribers faster than ever before.

But that's not all this popup generator is capable of...

PopUpMaster Pro also allows you to quickly and easily install virtually any other type of popup you can think of.

Just look at this list for starters:


  • Entrance and exit popups
  • Delayed entrance, and delayed exit, popups
  • Cookie popups
  • Auto-close popups
  • Moving popups
  • Pop-unders
  • Rotating popups
  • Auto-optin popups
  • Order trapper popups
  • ...and more

This makes PopUpMaster Pro Version 3.0 the most complete and fully comprehensive popup tool available anywhere on the Internet.

"I LOVE that you don't have to do any screwing around with script or code...This is THE most full-featured pop-up software I've EVER seen to date. Wonderful!"

-- Harmony Major, harmonymajor.com

In fact, you get four separate types of popup tool, all within the same easy-to-use point and click interface:

  • OptInOver™ Generator - makes it point-and-click easy for you to customize and install a sophisticated full-color instant auto-optin popup on your web site that is shown to 95% of your visitors, more than any other type of popup.

  • Main PopUp Generator - this tool creates popups from basic to some highly advanced popups as used by some of the big names in Internet marketing

  • Rotating PopUp Generator - each time a visitor returns to your web site, they see a different popup, thus maximizing your marketing message and your profits.

  • Auto-Optin PopUp Generator - allows you to quickly add an instant auto-optin popup (those JavaScript alert box popups where you just click OK to sign up) to your web site.
    Note: For a full-color HTML instant auto-optin popup, you need the OptInOver™ Generator as described above.

All of these tools come with sophisticated features, but they're all as easy as pie for virtually everyone to install.

If you fulfill the following criteria you can use the software without difficulty (tick the boxes that apply to you):

I know how to edit the HTML of my web page
I know how to copy and paste
My PC runs on Windows (Windows 95 or later)
Ticked all three? Then you qualify to claim all the benefits that the software can bring to your web business.

The software's even fully compatible with main-stream web building applications like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and even Ken Evoy's Site BuildIt.

"PopUpMaster is an essential tool for me today. I wouldn't build a site without it now."

-- Larry Pike, artisticthreadworks.com

All the code is search-engine friendly

The vast majority of the code can be installed at the very bottom of your web page where it can do no damage to your search engine listings - nearly all other popup tools available require the code to be installed in the header section, which can damage your search engine ranking position.

"This little beauty doesn't put up much code towards the top of the page - great if you want search engines to 'naturally' pick up your important keywords within the first few hundred characters (always a good idea isn't it?)."

-- Brian Austin, author of the best-selling 'Web Page Design in Easy Steps', and owner of InternetTIPS.com.

Built to increase your subscriptions and sales

PopUpMaster Pro enables you to install popups just like the ones used by top Internet marketers - and if they're using them, you can be sure they are tried and tested profit-boosters.

Install a 'Marlon Sanders' countdown discount popup

Show a popup a couple of minutes or so after someone has arrived at your web site offering a special discount, as long as they act within a set time period. Once that time period is up, the popup vanishes into thin air.

This type of popup has been seen in active use over a lengthy period of time by top Internet marketer, Marlon Sanders.

PopUpMaster Pro enables you to add a countdown discount popup to your web site immediately (it even provides you with copy-and-paste countdown timer code).

Install a 'Corey Rudl' delayed exit popup

You can use the software to show a 'delayed exit' popup - the popup will show so many seconds after a visitor has left your web page.

We've seen this type of popup in regular use by marketing great, Corey Rudl. We also bet he hired some expensive programmers to install it for him - with PopUpMaster Pro you can automatically generate the code you need in seconds.

Install a 'Stephen Pierce' conditional exit popup

Top marketer Stephen Pierce recommends the use of a popup on your order page, to be displayed only if the visitor leaves the page without clicking the order button or link.

Used to 'trap' orders at the last minute, PopUpMaster Pro provides the exact script you need to install this conditional exit popup on your web site.

In fact, you can prevent an exit popup from showing if any link or button on your web page is clicked by the visitor.

But these are just a few examples of what you can achieve with the software.

Popups are an extremely valuable asset to any web site interested in the business of making money. That's why top marketers the world over continue to use them - they get results.

And with the valuable addition of OptInOver™s, you can achieve response rates better than ever before.

Now anyone can use them on their web site

The vast majority of popup code is way off territory for the vast majority of people, inaccessible to all but the very best programmers.

The alternative is to dish out a fortune to someone who does have the necessary skills.

"I've now consigned all my other popup generators and script sources (and I had 'em all) to the Recycle Bin ... Frankly, I can't see why anyone else would WANT to use another popup creator? Thanks again for a fantastic product!"

-- Nick Smith, instantsupersites.com

PopUpMaster Pro has been designed from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you to add virtually any type of profit-pulling popup to your web site.

Here's a breakdown of all the features that are included - you won't get this much functionality anywhere else:

1. Standard Features

  • Popups and pop-unders
  • Set to appear on entrance and exit
  • Determine size and positioning - this also includes an auto-centering option, and a full screen option
  • Set attributes such as size, position, whether it's resizable, and whether it displays scrollbars, the status bar, and the various toolbars
  • Single step installation process - except for some of the more advanced options (which only require an extra step or two), just a single simple copy and paste is all that's needed to put a popup on your web site

2. Advanced Features

Frequency control
The popup will be shown at the frequency you determine - there are the following options:
  • Once only
  • Every time
  • Once every browser session - this means that the visitor will only see the popup once while they keep the same browser open. If they close the browser, and later revisit your site, they will see the popup again. This is a useful setting to avoid annoying your visitors while maximizing the benefit of the popup to your business.
  • Once every so many days - this can be anything from 1 day upwards, there is no upper limit.
Text link or button trigger
The popup will be displayed when the visitor clicks a link or a button. This feature is useful if you want to display more information about something.
Order trapper popup
Displays a popup only if the visitor exits your web page without ordering. This technique was recently illuminated by Stephen Pierce, author of The Whole Truth, as leading to a 50% hike in sales levels.
Delayed-appearance popups
With this feature, you can display a popup so many seconds after a visitor enters your web page, as determined by you. This can increase response rates, and we've seen this type of technique in action by people like Corey Rudl. Now you can implement it in seconds, and grab the benefits for your own web site.
Self-closing popups
These popups close themselves after a certain number of seconds, as displayed by you. This can be very useful for injecting a sense of urgency into your sales message - and we know it works after seeing it used over a lengthy period of time by Marlon Sanders, amongst others.
Synchronized countdown control
If you opt for a self-closing popup, we even give you a countdown control that you can add directly to the web page displayed in your popup window, and synchronized to the popup self-close mechanism. This means that the instant the countdown timer reaches zero, the popup self-closes automatically.
You can preview your popup at the settings you have determined before installing it on your web site - this saves a lot of time you would otherwise spend testing out different settings and reinstalling the code

3. Super Advanced Features

This type of instant auto-optin popup is revolutionizing the way Internet marketers and web site owners attract subscribers on their web sites.


Simply because the technology combines an instant opt-in subscription method with a full color popup that reaches over 95% of all traffic to your web site, which means it will gain more response than any other type of popup.

[Optional: you can also choose to show the OptInOver™ without the instant subscription 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons if you wish, and use the popup for any purpose you wish!]

OptInOver™s allow you to

  • It's at least 10x easier to capture your visitor's details - all they need to do is click the button, there's no form for them to fill in

  • Capture real email addresses - as the email is sent using the email address from the visitor's browser, you will rarely get Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses; and on the odd occasion that you do, your emails will go to their main inbox, rather than a vague Internet email account that they may only rarely access. This means your list will be many times more responsive than any other list

  • Increase your marketing reach - you reach over 95% of your web site visitors, more than any other type of popup

In terms of results, this means that OptInOver™s can collect 10x more subscribers than any other method on your web site.

So how do OptInOver™s work?

It's very simple - the visitor comes to your web site, and, after a certain number of seconds as chosen by you, an OptInOver™ drops into place and displays to the visitor.

The visitor then clicks the OK button on the OptInOver™ to subscribe.

An email is then sent from the visitor to any email address you choose, for example, an autoresponder address such as takanomi@takanomi.par32.com.

The OptInOver™ slides away and disappears.

(Both the 'drop' and the 'slide away' are optional settings in the software.)

The OptInOver™ maintains its position on the browser screen - this ensures it can't be ignored by your visitor and means they have to respond, which maximizes your response rate.

Autoresponders and mailing list managers will automatically extract the email address and name from the email that is sent automatically.

The OptInOver™ Generator provides advanced customization controls as follows:

  • Set the title
  • Set the text displayed and the font to be used - with full HTML capability
  • Add an image, and set its alignment
  • Set the width of the OptInOver™
  • Set the colors used - in the title area, the border, and the background
  • Determine how often the OptInOver™ should appear to your visitors via the sophisticated cookie controls
  • Add a shadow, and set its color and depth
  • Set how far from the top of the browser screen the OptInOver™ should appear
  • Choose to remove the instant opt-in buttons if you wish - and add anything you like into the OptInOver™
  • Special effects - grab your visitor's attention by making the OptInOver™ 'drop' into place on the screen, and/or 'slide away' on exit

You also get an Instant Preview capability - you can see exactly how your OptInOver™ will look as you edit and amend the various settings in the preview area shown below the controls in the software.

To install the code, you simply click a button in the software and follow a quick couple of steps that just involves copying and pasting the relevant code onto your web page.

Rotating popups

With PopUpMaster Pro, you can set up different popups to be rotated on your web site in sequence, so if Visitor A comes along, they see PopUp 1; next time they visit they see PopUp 2; next time they visit they see PopUp 3, and so on.

When Visitor B arrives, they start with their own sequence and first see PopUp 1, and then follow on the same as with Visitor A.

A rotating popup strategy means you can display different offers to the same visitors, rather than wasting opportunities by displaying the same offer repeatedly that they may have already signed up to or are not interested in.

You can determine the height and width of each popup in the sequence individually, and select other options such as whether you want them to pop up or pop-under, positioning control, advanced cookie-control settings.

You can also make each popup in the sequence appear after a delay, even on exit.

We don't impose a limit on the number of popups you can add to your sequence - you can have as few, or as many as you want, the choice is yours.

Note: Others are charging $67 to $97 for PopUp Rotation software as a standalone tool - you get a more advanced version of this type of software thrown in as an added feature, and still get charged the same incredible price for the whole piece of software.

Auto-optin popups

You've probably seen those grey JavaScript alert boxes that appear when you visit web sites, where you just click OK to subscribe, or Cancel to make it disappear.

They are now fairly prolific, used by everyone from Armand Morin to Brian Garvin - but they have become so widespread simply because they are extremely effective.


Because, as with OptInOver™s, the visitor doesn't have to enter their name and email address, making it easier and meaning they are more likely to subscribe.

Adding either this type of popup, or the more advanced OptInOver™, to your web site will put your list building activities in the fast lane. And you'll be able to do so within minutes.

You will be able to:

  • make it appear on entrance or exit
  • delay its appearance when someone enters your web page - you just set the appropriate number of seconds
  • determine exactly how often the auto-optin popup is displayed to your visitor, whether every time, just once, once a session, or once every so many days

Note: Others are charging anything from $37 to $87 for this type of functionality. We've added some advanced features that you don't get anywhere else, and thrown it in as an added feature of PopUpMaster Pro, and still with the same ease of use and incredible price.


You get more value and more features than any other popup software

Here's a summary of the all the features of PopUpMaster Pro (hover your mouse over the question mark for brief information about each one, or click for more in-depth help):

OptInOver™s ?
Entry PopUps ?
Exit PopUps ?
PopUnders ?
Show Via Text Link Or Button ?
Delayed-Appearance PopUps ?
Self-Destructing PopUps ?
PopUp Location Control ?
PopUp Sizing Control ?
PopUp Attribute Control ?
PopUp Centering ?
PopUp Frequency Control ?
Rotating PopUps ?
Auto-Optin PopUps ?
Order Trapper PopUp ?
Auto-Preview ?
Dynamic Moving PopUps ?
Dynamic Resizing PopUps ?
Countdown Control And Synchronization ?
Context-Sensitive Help ?
Online Full Color Manual ?
Cross-Browser Compatible Code ?
Optimized For Search Engines ?
FrontPage and Dreamweaver Compatible ?
Site Build It! Compatible ?


Not one of our competitors can provide all of these features - we know, we've bought practically all of them just so that we can analyze them and ensure that you get the very best in terms of features, functionality, speed and ease-of-use.

And PopUpMaster Pro is specially designed to be highly usable by everyone, from complete novices to experienced programmers.


What is the most complete, comprehensive solution worth to you?

Let's be very conservative here.

What if you use the software to add an OptInOver to your web site and start grabbing an extra 10 subscribers a day? At this point, you don't touch the rest of the software.

That would be about 300 extra subscribers a month, or 3650 a year, that you wouldn't normally have had.

Now, Internet marketers know that each subscriber is worth a certain amount to them over the lifetime of their subscription.

Let's say that to you each subscriber is worth $5 - it could be a lot more, it could be less, but let's stick with $5 for the purpose of the example.

That would mean that just in the first month, you've brought in an extra value of $1500 to your business over the long-term (300 subscribers, multiplied by $5). Over a full year, that would be $18250 (3650 x $5).

And you're still only using a single OptInOver on a single web site. By utilizing the rest of the tool, you could of course achieve a lot more.

Can you see how, for a small investment, this single, simple piece of software can substantially increase your sales levels and boost your business long-term?

So what sort of investment is needed?

The OptInOver™ generator is worth at least $147 on its own.

But you also get the ability to create virtually every other type of profit-pulling popup you can think of, from countdown popups, to delayed popups, to rotating popups, to pop-unders, and much, much more.

In fact, you literally get four different applications in one:

  • OptInOver™ Generator - this type of technology is a world first and is only available in PopUpMaster Pro
  • Main PopUp Generator - just on it's own, this is the most powerful popup generator available on the Internet, to our knowledge
  • PopUp Rotator - rotate your marketing message to maximize your profit potential
  • Auto-Optin PopUp Generator - although this technology is now largely superceded by OptInOverTM, we threw this one in too for good measure with a range of advanced features that you won't find elsewhere

In the following table, you can see conservative estimates of the retail value of each of the tools provided in the software. This is based on the cost of similar software (if available) elsewhere, without factoring in the more advanced facilities and ease of use and installation that you get with PopUpMaster Pro.

Tool Cost
OptInOverTM Generator $147
Main PopUp Generator $47
PopUp Rotator $67
Auto-Optin PopUp Generator $37
Grand Total $298

You can see that this software is worth at least $298 - but we realize that, even with the substantial benefits that the software can bring to your income levels, that type of price tag would put the software out of reach for the average Internet business.

So, after due consideration, we are making this software affordable to all for the bargain price of just $97.

...[this] easy-to-use tool has given me a massive jump in subscriptions (and sales!)."

-- Russell Portwood, InternetMarketingToolz.com

We'll also throw in some incredible bonuses worth well over $350...

  1. PopUp Window Close Codes And Images - discover exactly how to add a 'close' link to your popup window, plus receive a collection of over 30 different quality Close button images you can use immediately. Exclusive to customers of PopUpMaster Pro. Worth $47

  2. Special Report: How To Implement A Site Exit or Entrance PopUp - nearly all popup scripts work on entry to or exit from a single web page. But what if you want to implement a popup that appears on entry to or exit from your web site as a whole? This special report shows you exactly how you can use PopUpMaster Pro to do this. I've previously sold this type of solution for as much as $147. Now you get it completely free, exclusive to customers of PopUpMaster Pro. Worth $147

  3. Our 24x7 Customer Support Facility - exclusively available to users of the software to help with any questions or issues you may have. All customers have full-time access to our support site, and, if additional help is required, can email us for direct one-to-one support. Worth $97

  4. Lifetime Free Upgrades - this has always been our policy (and this is now Version 3.0 of the software). As technology on the Internet changes, we make changes to the software to keep up, and we'll give you access to the latest version of the software automatically via our customer support facility. Worth $97

"I wanted to thank you for your prompt replies and friendly customer support, which went beyond that of your competitors. You answered every question I had about the software and I was up and running within minutes."

-- Kim Haas, Womans Net

Plus you get our full 100% risk-free no questions asked rock-solid guarantee

We want you to order with full confidence, and you can rest assured that should there be any problem whatsoever, or if the software in any way does not match your expectations or meet your requirements, you can email us to request a refund, and we'll give you 100% of the money you paid.

This means you'll lose nothing - we carry 100% of the risk, and you can order 100% risk-free.

"This is great stuff...really, the best on the market that I've found (and I've tried a few pop-up solutions). Great work Steve, this software is a good investment."

-- Jesse Gilbert, digishine.com

But by acting now we'll slash the price further...

By ordering the software right now, you can save a further $30 - grab the software and all the bonuses (with a total value of $97 + $388 = $485.00) now for just $67.

That's incredible value - but you must order now

YES! I want to order PopUpMaster Pro and all the bonuses now for the special price of just $67, and understand I will be able to download the software immediately.

I will be able to use the software for all of the following:

  • OptInOver™s - full-color popups that reach the maximum number of visitors possible, with an instant subscription feature that signs up subscribers, fast.
  • Advanced profit-pulling popups - from basic popups to advanced types like delayed exit, cookie controlled and order trapper popups
  • Rotating popups - rotate your marketing messages on your web site
  • Auto-optin popups - a JavaScript alert box auto-optin popup

I will also have immediate access to the following bonuses worth a total of $388:

  • PopUp Window Close Codes And Button Images
  • Special Report: How To Implement A Site Exit or Entrance PopUp
  • Our 24x7 Customer Support Facility
  • Lifetime Free Upgrades

I understand that I can order 100% risk-free - if the software falls short of my expectations I can request a refund and receive 100% of my money back.

I also understand I will be ordering on a secure server where my credit card details will be 100% secure.

"I really do like your software the best of ANY I've seen, Steve, as it is the most intuitive EASY, and I mean *E*A*S*Y* to set up ... You can tell I'm not a techie, but we non-techies like to have 'winning websites', too ... I'm thrilled with the performance of this new software!"

-- Donna Maher, misspelleddomains.com

Order securely by clicking the button below now:

Order PopUpMaster Pro


Sincerely yours

Steve Shaw, Technical eMarketer

PS. Remember your purchase is 100% Risk Free - if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, just let us know within 90 days and we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

PPS. By ordering now for just $67, you receive PopUpMaster Pro with a value of at least $97, plus bonuses worth $388. That's a full package worth an incredible $485.00. Get immediate access to it all for the amazingly low investment of just $67.

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