World Juggling Day 2006

Note: This page is for WJD 2006. Visit our World Juggling Day June 14, 2008 page and you can register for some great Juggling prizes.

First, many people filled in the form from 2006 World Juggling Day page. The date was June 17, 2006. Let's all juggle together!

We'd like to see as many of our subscribers to JuggleNow News juggle at Noon, Eastern time on June 17,2006.

Like last year, we'll even give away some Prizes for everyone who registers below! We will draw names for...
1st Prize - A set of our one-piece clubs
2nd Prize - A set of our 4-panel balls
3rd Prize - A set of Juggling Scarves

A lot of people let us know if they would be juggling, by filling in the form below. Even if it's just for a few minutes, all said they'd juggle!

Note that form was removed. Visit our World Juggling Day June 14, 2008 page and you can register for some great Juggling prizes.

I've added the people who sent in 2005's form within this past month. (I think they thought it was for this year, since I am a bit late getting this page up.) Here are some of the people who have said they will be juggling at noon Eastern time, on June 17. Join all the people, from all over the world, in Juggling! I believe there are 11 different countries represented!

Here is our growing list...

  • Jim from JuggleNow, of course
  • A'Lona from JuggleNow (Not elegible for prizes ;-))
  • Tim, from York, USA. Tim wrote I will probably be jugging at local park where I usually attract at least a little attention with clubs and a little more with knives.
  • Linsey, from USA
  • John, from Bath, USA
  • Suzanne, from Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Emelie, from Vänersborg, Sweden
  • Carl, from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Jake, from Branford, Connecticut
  • Becky, from Scottsville, Kentucky
  • Rob, from Hampton, New Hampshire
  • Karyan, from Amsterdam, New York
  • Kevin, from Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • John, from Osceola, Indiana
  • Andy, from Dubuque, Iowa
  • Nicholas, from Osceola, Indiana
  • John, from Baldwinsville, New York
  • Julie, from San Diego, California
  • Florian, from Desselgem, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • Graham, from Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom
  • Samantha, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Jacqui, from Brooklyn, New York
  • Jane, from Rochester, New York
  • John, from Latrobe, Pennsylvania
  • Rob, from Pymble, NSW, Australia
  • Melanie, from Seaford, New York
  • Laura, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Chuck, from Linden, New Jersey
  • Mary, from Burtonsville, Maryland
  • Bob, from Waverly, New York
  • Robin, from Riverview, Florida
  • Karen, from White Lake, Michigan
  • Kristopher, from Hermiston, Oregon
  • Frances, from Monterey, California
  • Tasha, Bloomer, Wisconsin
  • Ben, from Berlin, Wisconsin
  • Scott, from Palatka, Florida
  • Christopher, from Owego, New York
  • Robert, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Howard, from Westwood, New Jersey
  • Matthew, from Bloomfield, New Mexico
  • Jane, from Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • Andrew, from Hebron, Indiana
  • Chris, from Tampa, Florida
  • Tim P, from Buffalo, New York
  • Richard, from St. Louis, Missouri
  • Keith, from Saint Petersburg, Florida
  • Joel, from North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Danny, from Horseheads, New York
  • Tim, from Douglasville, Georgia
  • Bill, from Pagosa Springs, Colorado
  • Sarah, from Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom
  • Levidutchman, from Brooklyn, New York
  • David, from Murray, Utah
  • Dave L, from Dublin, Ireland
  • Joe, from Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania
  • Jason, from Hartsburg, Missouri
  • Kurt, from Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Lisa, from Accord, New York
  • Dana, from Dayton, Ohio
  • Darrell, from Madison, Alabama
  • Michael, from Grantham, Pennsylvania
  • Michael, from Mims, Florida
  • Jeff, from Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • John, from Osceola, Indiana
  • Jeff, from Crofton, Maryland
  • Joshua, from Osceola, Indiana
  • Tommy, from East Lyme, Conneticut
  • Alex, from Turnersville, New Jersey
  • Jeff, from Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • Tim, from Salem, Oregon
  • William A, from Mckinney, Texas
  • Eric S, from Wantagh, New York
  • Sebastian, from Vienna, Austria
  • Bonnie C, from Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Mike, from Roanoke, Virginia
  • Jack, from Sheldon, Illinois
  • Hande, from Istanbul, Turkey
  • Nick, from Falls Church, Virginia
  • Monica, from Ventura, California
  • Christian, from Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Ross, from Shelburne, Vermont
  • Robert, from Whittier, California
  • Patrick, from Raymond, Ohio
  • Toomas, from Viljandi, Estonia
  • Amy, from Old Bridge, New Jersey
    and the following registered after June 17
  • Damián, from Santiago, la Florida, Chile
  • Michael, from Mims, Florida
  • Mitchell, from Perth, Australia
  • Drake, from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

    If not listed, the country is the United States. All other countries are listed. Note that a couple people said they could not be juggling at that time, but I have them listed here, and putting them in for the prizes. I hope everyone feels that's fair. Happy Juggling!