World Juggling Day
June 16, 2007

This page is for 2007. Click here to visit our World Juggling Day June 14, 2008 page and you can register for some great Juggling prizes.

World Juggling Day was June 16, 2007! Let's get everybody juggling...

We had 337 people registered! From USA, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Ireland, Zambia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Netherlands, China!

As we have in previous years, JuggleNow gave away some fun Juggling Prizes to people that registered with us, and said they would be juggling on June 16, 2007.

Winners are below. And, click here to to send in your Stories and Pics from World Juggling Day 2007!

By entering, you are allowing JuggleNow to put your full name and where your from, plus any other info you include about what you'll be doing that day. (Let me know if you don't want last name included.)

World Juggling Day 2007

The Winners?...

1st Prize - Jane from Rochester, New York - A set of our one-piece clubs
2nd Prize - Chrysa from Minnesota - A set of our 4-panel balls
3rd Prize - Tonie Mikulastik from Van Alstyne, Texas - A set of Juggling Scarves

We had such a great turnout, I'm adding 3 extra winners! Each wins a set of Juggling Scarves. Those three winners are...
Donna Kozar from Evansville, Indiana
Melisa from Grove City, Ohio
Jennifer from Gahanna, Ohio

Congratulations to the winners! If you haven't already, subscribe to our free Juggling newsletter for more contests!

Visit our World Juggling Day June 14, 2008 page and you can register for some great Juggling prizes.

And hey, if you win and if you have all the Juggling equipment you need ;-) I will send it as a gift to anyone you choose. Just let me know.

Here's the list of those who registered with us...

  • Jim from JuggleNow (not eligible for prizes)
  • A'Lona from JuggleNow (not eligible for prizes)
  • Bob, Chris, Brian, Jeff Hughes from Waverly, New York
  • Mary Wise from Burtonsville, Maryland
  • Mark Litman from Brooklyn, New York
  • Levi Duchman from Brooklyn, New York
  • John Hanlon from Osceola, Indiana
  • Nicholas Hanlon from Osceola, Indiana
  • Joshua Hanlon from Osceola, Indiana
  • Noah Hanlon from Osceola, Indiana
  • Nate from Arnold, Missouri
  • Jennifer from Gahanna, Ohio, for her plans for June 16 says "Practice juggling clubs and balls. Also try to teach my brother how to juggle."
  • Laura Dore from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for June 16 says "I'll be at the US Open golf championship near Pittsburgh, so I'll probably juggle golf balls...alone."
  • Braidy from Binghamton, New York for June 16 says " I will be Juggling in Otsiningo Park located along the Chenango River."
  • Nicole Hanlon from Osceola, Indiana
  • Michael Schroeder from Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Keith Johnson from Saint Petersburg, Florida says about June 16 "I have been an avid Juggler now for six years and plan on Juggling this day. I might plan some time at the local park or downtown. But most of it will be at my place in the evening. And seening as I'm a Naturist, I'm not worried about getting hot while juggling, now that's cool..Cheers..."
  • Terry Kelley from Louisville, Kentucky
  • Garry from Anchorage, Alaska, says "I like to juggle for the kids and make them laugh."
  • Bruce from Pawleys Island, South Carolina
  • Terry from Averill Park, New York, about June 16 says "Just some clubs in the back yard! Maybe I'll get my partner to work on passing with me!!"
  • Dana from Dayton, Ohio
  • Chuck Leonard from Linden, New Jersey, about June 16 says "On the 16th I'll be juggling my schedule and finances."
  • Michael Fisher from Mims, Florida, about June 16 says " I will be juggling in my driveway at the very least...."
  • Andy from Dubuque, Iowa, says about June 16 "I'll (probably) be on a mission trip in St. Louis on the 16. I'll be with a bunch of kids who don't know how to juggle. I'll try to teach them. It'll be fun!"
  • Kurt Koppang from Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • John Palek from Latrobe, Pennsylvania
  • Michael Kiesinger from Grantham, Pennsylvania, about June 16 says "Having a friend visit so we can spend lots of time learning new tricks and passing."
  • Sebastian Schneeweiß from Vöcklamarkt, Pfaffing, Austria, about June 16 says "I will go with my friends to a beautiful lake to play the diabolo, throw the devilstick and juggle with the balls and clubs - all in all `m looking forward to a nice day."
  • Heshy Hecht from Brooklyn, New York
  • Mathew Larsen from Bloomfield, New Mexico
  • Samantha from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Melanie from Seaford, New York
  • Carl Lane from Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Andy V from Hebron, Indiana, about June 16 says "Finally get a 3 ball 1 up "360" (back tuck)"
  • Alex Payne from Rogers City, Michigan, about June 16 says "Celebrate the National Juggling Day. I'm gonna juggle!"
  • Nicolás García from La Serena, IV Región de Coquimbo, Chile about June 16, says" I will juggle all day and try to put my best record ever. I can juggle 3, 4 and this 16 of June I will do 10 throws whith 5 balls."
    Great idea to set a goal for yourself on June 16, as some people are already doing ;-) -Jim
  • Mark Tobey from Pueblo, Colorado, about June 16 says "I'll be outside juggling. Where, I'll have to see if there any events planned in the area."
  • Christopher Lane from Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Scott McPeak from El Mirage, Arizona
  • Ean Taggart from Norwood, Pennsylvania, says " I am 14 yrs. old and have a disability called Tourettes which sometimes can make it difficult for me to juggle, but I am determined to keep trying. The more I practice, the better I get and it keeps me focused on the juggling instead of the tourettes. I am going to try to juggle four balls instead of three and see how long I can juggle for."
  • Sabine from Lüdenscheid, NRW, Germany
  • Tim Hanlon from Osceola, Indiana
  • Rob Morley from Hampton, New Hampshire
  • Daniel Saraj from Cocoa, Florida, about June 16 says "In Cocoa Village i would like to set up a bbq and just juggle with everyone. I would really like some help setting up a juggling convention in brevard county i believe we need some exposure and we need a way to meet i know like 3 maybe 4 ppl who juggle and only 2 take it seriously as a sport. Can you help!!!!!!!"
    How about it? Anyone interested, contact JuggleNow and I'll pass on Daniel's contact info.
  • Michael Boos from Flagstaff, Arizona, about June 16 says "Juggling in Wheeler Park with fellow jugglers."
  • Nancy VanCleve from Fresno, California, about June 16 says "Having a BBQ watching my sons juggle while teaching me and their girlfriends to juggle-also knowing my brother in another part of Calif will be doing the same teaching their twin boys to's a party day !!!!"
  • Nicholas Broderick from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, about June 16 says "i plan on jugglin all flippin day and kickin at the club where i plan to introduce everyone to the world of juggling with my strobes. hittin the club wit my strobes and showin sum people how to juggle. hopefully all goes well lol"
  • Barbara from Memphis, Tennessee, about June 16 says "It's a friend's birthday and I will attempt to teach him about juggling."
  • Elroy Davis from Manchester, Vermont
  • Ted Baumhauer from Fairport, New York, about June 16 says "Juggling in Sodus Point, NY"
  • Joe from Boston, Massachusetts
  • Evan Hannay from Mohnton, Pennsylvania
  • Linda from Melbourne, Florida
  • Pete Long from Scituate, Rhode Island
  • Bonnie Winkelman from Asheville, North Carolina, about June 16 says "ART SHOW OF ALL ORIGINAL JUGGLE-WORKS.
    All pieces will be for sale. Custom orders available.Large and small original paintings (watercolor or mixed media), painted pillows, silk flags,stationary, cards, mobiles, serving plates,dolls, desk items, home decor ...all for the juggler you love.
    I will be 'passing' out Top Ten Reasons To Juggle and promoting its benefits for ADHD kids."
  • Rob Tolman from Erin, Ontario, Canada
  • Chuck Leonard from Linden, New Jersey
  • Jason from Livonia, Michigan
  • Chuck from Endicott, New York, about June 16 says " Practice incorperating a little bounce juggling into a reverse cascade."
  • Bobby Brodney from Murrieta, California
  • Lowell Oldenburg from Turlock, California
  • Tasha Zwiefelhofer from Bloomer, Wisconsin, about June 16 says "My mom works at a nursing home and I decided im going to go up there and entertain the old and sick people with my juggling and diablo skills."
  • Scott Wilson from Mirboo North, Victoria, Australia
  • Shawna Wilczek from Paonia, Colorado
  • Alan Gray from Yarraville, Victoria, Australia
  • Andy from Dubuque, Iowa, says "On JULY 16th I'll be in St. Louis. On JUNE 16th I'll be in Michigan watching my cousin play baseball. I'll juggle some balls during the sevent inning stretch."
  • Alejandro from Miami, Florida
  • Quinn Spicker from Surrey, B.C., Canada
  • Simon Braisher from Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, about June 16 says " I will be doing a juggling workshop with a group of young people."
  • Kevin Hahnebeck from Lüdenscheid, NRW, Germany, about June 16 says "While you are juggling it is impossible to juggle for your life!"
  • Joshua B from Las Vegas, Nevada, about June 16 says "I juggle everyday to practice. I juggle with clubs, rings, balls or anything I can find."
  • Eric from Oakdale, Conneticut, about June 16 says "Devoting the day for play with all of my skill toys! Practice, practice, practice!"
  • Dalton Taylor from Omaha, Nebrska
  • Lily Szymanski from Rossford, Ohio
  • Ben Talik from Sewickley, Pennsylvania
  • Jason Hollandsworth from Hartsburg, Missouri, about June 16 says "I plan to possibly do some serious club passing with a couple good buddies in Jefferson City. I might even juggle a few pots and pans and clang them together to celebrate."
  • Bob Dixon from Boise, Idaho, about June 16 says " I returned to juggling after many years a few days ago. By the 16th I expect to have my juggle back on in full. I have a set of adjustable wrist weights and will be spending at least 45 minutes every day after work (I work Saturdays) and 90 minutes to 2 hours on my three days a week off. I'm looking for a way to get some exercise and muscle tone. All those "reps" should work great!!"
    Our ExerBalls from JuggleNow should help with the workout too! ;-)
  • David Reich from Jupiter, Florida, about June 16 says, "Teaching my daughter (as I always do) and having her friends join us for a mini juggling class at my house."
  • Bonnie from Kaukauna, Wisconsin
  • Low Keng Kwok from Singapore, about June 16 says "I managed a animal performances in Sentosa, Singapore. I will show my support for World Juggling Day by juggling to guest as pre-show element who come to watch the daily performances. I can do 3 balls juggling pretty well with some variations. Hopefully guest can enjoy it together with me."
  • Hande Barutcuoglu from Istanbul, Turkey, says about June 16, "Entertaining the neighborhood children, as usual..."
  • Conall Desmond from Cork, Munster, Ireland about June 16 says, "For the month of june, I will be in Zambia,a country in South-central Africa. On 16th june, I'm going to give a juggling show (balls, clubs, fire-clubs) to the kids there who haven't got a school to go to, or something like that. I might even get a few of them juggling! Hopefully they'll enjoy it, cos I don't think they'll have seen anything like it before, and it should be good. Thats it!"
  • D Emerson from Woolwich, Maine, about June 16 says, "I teach sixth grade at a small rural school on the coast of Maine. Since the very first day of school, I have used juggling as a break in our school day, sometimes several times a day! All my students will be juggling on June 16th, some will use scarves, some will partner juggle, and most will 3-ball juggle with me! We are looking forward to being a part of this international event!"
  • Keith Clemons form Pacifica, California, about June 16 says, "I will be teaching my teenage daughters and some of their friends to juggle!"
  • Pavel Polistovskiy from Almaty, Kazakhstan, about June 16 says, "To juggle.To juggle.To juggle.To juggle.To juggle.To juggle!!!!!!"
  • Chris Corrado from Cincinnati, Ohio, about June 16 says, "Performing a fathers day show."
  • Ethan B from St. Louis, Missouri, about June 16 says, " I will be at summer camp but I will have brought all of my equipment along. I am going to teach the whole cabin how to devilstick and play with diablos. I love juggling!"
  • Jake from North Edwards, California, about June 16 says, "Gonna keep trying to juggle five balls."
  • David Livingston from Newark, New Jersey, about June 16 says, "I WILL BE JUGGLING INT HE AMBULANCE BAY."
  • D Livingston from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, about June 16 says, "I will be working unfortunately. maybe juggling the books:)"
  • Jane from Rochester, New York, about June 16 says, "I'll be practicing in my yard just so I can be "a part" of juggling day. I use juggling as a caring hospital clown. One winter trick I do is to bring in my light up balls in a separate bag. I say I made some snowballs before coming in and hope they aren't melted. I pull out the "cold" white balls and say they are sooo cold I'll have to warm them up. I turn each one on and begin juggling my "warm balls"
  • Joe Mcnutt from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Tony Smith from Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, about June 16 says "public juggling display details not yet established."
  • Angela Duntsch from St Catharines, Ontario, Canada about June 16 says "We will be juggling on the Art of Peace Festival, Montebello Park in St Catharines, please come and join us!"
    If you can go, let Angela know you saw this on JuggleNow!
  • Wende Wilkinson from Stanley, North Carolina, about June 16 says "I'll be juggling with my kids and neighbors."
  • Dries Knottnerus from Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands
  • Perry from Northridge, California

    Whew, more and more entries keep coming in! Make sure you enter today ;-)

  • Linda Handlin from Cross Plains, Wisconsin
  • Jon Magee from Harrisonville, Missouri
  • Stephanie Hougen from Larimore, North Dakota
  • Margaret Herrin from Signal Mtn Tennessee
  • Shannon Baas from Lakefield, Minnesota
  • Angela Lemos from Hanford, California
  • Annette Taylor from Albion, Illinois
  • Carol Harrity from Gig Harbor, Washington
  • Tammy Sinclair from Earlimart, California
  • Tim Mooney from Slatington, Pennsylvania
  • John Burns from Saint Joseph, Michigan
  • Michelle Draveski from Eastpointe, Michigan
  • Joan Olson from Seminole, Florida, says ", The above website is how I am learning to juggle. I am a newbie to the world of juggling but always found it cool."
  • Joanne Schultz from Poughkeepsie, New York
  • Melisa from Grove City, Ohio
  • Maja Meza from Chico, California
  • Margery Yeager from Washington, DC
  • Anne Taylor from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Marilyn Wons from Miramar Beach, Florida
  • Aaron Martin from Aurora, Colorado
  • Pam Borgos from Tacoma, Washington, about June 16 says "I will be juggling boxes around since I am getting ready to move."
  • Theresa Graves from Maryland Heights, Missouri
  • Christopher Harner from Elk Grove, California
  • Anna Ladd from Sterling, New York
  • Ron from Houston, Texas
  • Sharon Jones from Norwood, Massachusetts
  • Vicky Boackle from Trussville, Alabama
  • Richard Hicks from Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • Tom Showers from Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • Becky Brown from Lebanon, Tennessee
  • David Basile from Valley Stream, New York
  • Joe Warren from Lufkin, Texas
  • Harold Robinson from Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Valerie Bedard from Johnston, Rhode Island
  • Annik Martin from Pocatello, Idaho
  • Lisa Gordan from Greenville, Alabama
  • Jason Carroll from Dubuque, Iowa
  • Mike Weisberg from Holiday, Florida
  • Kinberly Cook from Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • Valerie Mabrey from Marion, Ohio
  • Elyse Wasserman from Dallas, Texas
  • Janet Stark from Medford, New York
  • Marianne Palmer from Quincy, Massachusetts, about June 16 says "My 12 year old nephew is a professional clown and is trying to teach me to juggle and do other tricks! If I win one of these prizes, I'm going to give it to him! : )"
  • Nicole Tremain-Woodcock from Stoughton, Wisconsin
  • Peggy Doty from West Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Rebekah May from Ashland, Kentucky
  • Jennifer Mack from Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • Content Sasso from Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • George Gryszka from Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • Kelly Frey from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  • Ashley from Pearl River, New York
  • Cynthia from Laingsburg, Michigan
  • Tom H from Anaheim, California
  • Katharine Adams from Sarasota, Florida
  • Sharon Gray from Washington, Pennsylvania, about June 16 says "Where ever I am I will be Juggling my CRAZY LIFE."
  • Jennifer Boylan from Avon, Massachusetts, about June 16 says "a day of laughter and fun."
  • Pete Brovold from Miami, Florida, says "On Saturday, June 16, 2007, from 3 until dark at least one member of the Coconut Grove Juggling Exchange will be at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove wearing a WJD007 tee-shirt, juggling and offering free juggling lessons to anyone interested."
  • Eric Cooper from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Robert Bremner from Pymble, NSW, Australia, about June 16 says "Letting the balls and clubs fly to unite the world."
  • Steven Charbonneau from South Burlington, Vermont
  • Amanda McMichael from Jackson, Georgia
  • Forrest Lee from Columbia, Missouri
  • Nickole Handrigan from Rumford, Rhode Island
  • Gapedo Whapo from Fulleron, California, about June 16 says "Throw balls in air and catch, throw balls in air and catch, over and over."
  • Kerry from Gordon, NSW, Australia about June 16 says "I will graduate from a practice ball to contact juggling my beautiful new acrylic ball...and will juggle after dark beautiful glow balls!!! Yay!!!!"
    And of course, for that "after dark" juggling, our LIGHT UP juggling balls are perfect.
  • Reece from Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand about June 16 says " I will be in Los Angeles for June 16 but i will be juggling my 3 clubs and 3, 4 and doing my best with 5."
  • Sherry Campbell from Kernersville, North Carolina
  • John Marshall from Concord, California
  • Belinda Shaw from Orient, Ohio
  • Marie Fink from Tyrone, Pennsylvania
  • James Jenkins from Williamston, North Carolina
  • Beth Delsanter from Brunswick, Ohio
  • Ash Brye from Stafford, Texas
  • Danielle Haberstroh from Berkley, Michigan
  • Grigory Lukin from Reno, Nevada
  • Kari Follett from Wolcott, New York
  • Greg Plank from Mesa, Arizona
  • Bert Gustafson from Palm Desert, California
  • Eric Ilasenko from Palm Coast, Florida, about June 16 says "I'm going to be trying to teach several members of my family the basics of juggling - it's not gonna be a job that day, it's gonna be an ADVENTURE!!!"

    Less than a week left to register with us!

  • Tiffany Ginn from Sanford, Florida
  • P White-thompson from Sarasota, Florida
  • Stacy Maniaci from O Fallon, Missouri
  • Michael Rewey from Stoughton, Wisconsin
  • William Imler from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Julie from Rockford, Illinois
  • Clifton Wade from Lexington, North Carolina, says June 16 is his "nephew's birthday."
  • Nicole from Kenner, Louisiana
  • Jessica Applegate from Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Garrett LaMarra from Burlington, New Jersey
  • Angie Patel from Marlton, New Jersey, about June 16 says, "Practice with my son."
  • Tom from Tube City, Arizona
  • Karen Gonyea from Bridgeport, New York
  • Scott Latti from Southbridge, Massachusetts
  • Maxine Horrocks from Windermere, Florida, about June 16 says "I'm hoping to teach some guys at work how to juggle three balls."
  • Brandlyn Graham from Clifton, Tennessee
  • Danny Cooper from Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom
  • Laura Griggs from Royse City, Texas
  • Tarah Pessel from Clarkston, Michigan
  • Carol from Downers Grove, Illinois
  • Nicole Matlach from York, Pennsylvania, about June 16 says, "A great picnic with a day full of games for the kids!"
  • Sanya Popovic from New York, New York
  • Shannon Egan from Greeley, Colorado
  • Norman Scantlin from Springfield Illinois
  • Hollie Lambert from Hilo, Hawaii
  • Jaymes Wilkerson from Spencer, Indiana
  • Lester Huffmire from Anaheim, California
  • Ken Robinson from Keyport, New Jersey
  • Jennifer Allen from Westland, Michigan
  • James Miller from Crowley, Louisiana
  • Eric Moffett from San Antonio, Texas, about June 16 says "Force to get my friends that juggle together and possibly make a movie! If not... Work on one diabolo vertax, and two diabolo corrections and tricks... by myself..."
  • Carole Just from Baldwin, New York
  • Lee Morelli from Middletown Springs, Vermont
  • Wanda from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • John S from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom about June 16 says "members from chesterfield circus skills group will be celebrating wjd2007 by juggling in a communal park in the afternoon. everybody welcome to come along and learn, contact for more details."
    Email JuggleNow to get John's contact info.
  • Steven Worthy from San Antonio, Texas, about June 16 says, "Celebrating the only way I know how, working on my 5 ball and 3 club back crosses while showing off my John Jay Juggling Team Captain Shirt.
  • Rebecca Cerveny from Garfield Heights, Ohio
  • Ceilidh Morrison-Smith from Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand about June 16 says "me, my dad and all our juggling buddys are going to go to the middle of town and spread some joy by juggling!!"
  • Mary Boldin from Santee, California
  • Beth Shepherd from Xenia, Ohio
  • Joni Chardwell from Erie, Pennsylvania
  • David Walton from Carey, Ohio
  • John Lipinski from Chicago, Illinois, about June 16 says "well, i'll be doing a basic 3 ball cascade, i can't do much else. but i will be shuffling 2 diabolos and stuff with that. probably in a park near my house because people enjoy that."
  • Alanna Randazzo from Galloway, New Jersey
  • Lori Harrison from Tucson, Arizona
  • Ambre Winfield from Syracuse, Utah
  • Adrienne Caudill from North Miami Beach, Florida
  • Tamara Burks from Belmont, Mississippi
  • Claire Hendrix from Santee, California
  • Angela Palmer from Miramar, Florida about June 16 says, "Besides juggling 2 kids fresh out of school and 2 full time jobs, I think I'll pull out the old beanbags and give it a whirl. If all else fails I can bounce them off people who annoy me.:"

    June 16 is almost here!

  • Trisha McKee from Duncansville, Pennsylvania
  • Janice Johnston from Anchorage, Alaska
  • Trisha Algieri from Westerly, Rhode Island
  • Melia Koerner from Leicester, New York, about June 16 says "Just getting together with a few friends who juggle."
  • Cynthia Hawley from tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Jeanine Price from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • John Marshall from Concord, California
  • Anthony Hedden from Thayer, Missouri
  • Tammy Wetzel from Saint Francis, Wisconsin
  • Lauri Sutor from Galena, Missouri
  • Michelle Simons from Bay City, Michigan
  • Matt from Liberty, Missouri
  • Tim McMichael from Jackson, Georgia
  • Tania Becerra from Cashton, Wisconsin
  • Carol Drury from Leonardtown, Maryland
  • Edna Meredith from Grand Ledge, Michigan
  • Wanda Flanagan from Mebane, North Carolina
  • Zara Skuse from Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand
  • Pat Nagle-Myers from Jefferson, Maryland, about June 16 says, "Just to practice my juggling."
  • Samantha Pruitt from Whittier, California
  • Ron Miller from Fair Haven, Michigan
  • Hien Nguyen from Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Laurie Candela from Swedesboro, New Jersey
  • Antionea Stiles from Owings Mills, Maryland, says "I have a home daycare and I actually taught myself how to juggle to entertain my daycare kids. They love it and so do I."
  • Larry Wangen from Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Joe Redlak from Summerville, Massachusetts
  • Lisbeth Mccarty from Norman, Oklahoma
  • SC Lopez from El Paso, Texas
  • Stephanie Hagee from Annapolis, Maryland
  • Connie Smith from Gladewater, Texas, about June 16 says "Just stay home, then later go to church."
  • Brendan King from Bent Mountain, Virginia
  • Ed Nemmers from Skokie, Illinois
  • Matt Lehman from Wyoming, Michigan, about June 16 says "beer pong tourney at my boy dans house."
  • Courtney Scott from Howell, Michigan
  • Gene Garvin from monroe, New York
  • Jennifer Barr from New Providence, Pennsylvania
  • Christina Gould from Fremont, California
  • Kym Ellis from Williston, South Carolina
  • Philip Halter from Jackson, Missouri
  • Laura Emerson from Biloxi, Mississippi, about June 16 says "I am juggling for the Children's ward of our hospital. It is for children who are very ill and I do it on a volunteer basis."
  • Donna Vuncannon from Asheboro, North Carolina
  • Michelle Brown from Jackson, Michigan
  • Hank Lawrence from New York City, New York
  • Chrysa from Minnesota
  • Robert Jordan from The Woodlands, Texas
  • Debbie Reed from Oak Harbor, Ohio, about June 16 says "My daughters birthday. Spending time with my daughter on her birthday, she was born on fathers day that day."
  • Bobby Goodwin from Horsham, Pennsylvania
  • Martha from Hoboken, New Jersey, about June 16 says "I will be juggling my dog's toys in Hoboken, birthplace of Frank Sinatra."
  • Marcella Moya from Lk Arhd, California
  • Shana Hickman from Cedar Park, Texas, about June 16 says "Nothing special. My son and I are still learning, but we'll definitely be practicing on June 16th!"
  • Cindy McLalin from Dearborn Heights, Michigan
  • Harry Andes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Adhab Al-Farhan from College Park, Maryland
  • Kirk from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Seth Window from Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Cynthia Bailey from North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
  • Frank Deem from Leicester, New York
  • Ibeveanne Williams from Golden Valley, Arizona, about June 16 says "One of the balls will be an easter egg with keys to my sons new car. I'll present him with his graduation gift with a flourish as I end."
    Wow, now there's a juggling finale!
  • Sarah Woods from Meridian, Mississippi, about June 16 says "To have and think bout my wonderful husband on Father's Day weekend."
  • Daniel Mihaliak from Stonewood, West Virginia
  • Michael Noe from Sulphur Springs, Texas
  • David Fagen from Punta Gorda, Florida
  • Nathan Golden from Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey
  • Teresa Loney from Fairfax, Virginia
  • Wendy Kulpa from Heathsville, Virginia
  • Mark Bowman from Port Charlotte, Florida
  • Alex from Oakland, California
  • Tadd Cochran from Calhoun, Georgia
  • Tomi Huntley from Vancouver, Washington
  • Brian Morin from Myerstown, Pennsylvania
  • Judith Johnson from Houston, Texas
  • Amber Utpatel from Michigan City, Indiana, about June 16 says "just practice."
  • Jay French from Lisle, Illinois
  • Kyle Uptmor from Reno, Texas
  • Silvia Betancourt from Phoenix, Arizona
  • Laura Shangraw from Hinesburg, Vermont
  • Suzanne Reichel from Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Sharon Charles from Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Kim from North Bend, Washington
  • Lisa Sliwa from Vernon Hills, Illinois
  • Thomas Hoh from Nazareth, Pennsylvania
  • Vanessa Richins from Provo, Utah
  • Carolyn Kennard from Dayton, Ohio
  • Lisa Lipschuzt from Bala Cywnyd, Pennsylvania
  • Josh Lipschutz from Bala Cywnyd, Pennsylvania
  • Sandra Block from Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Diane Stedner from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Donna Rinas from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Pier Johnson from Oak Harbor, Washington
  • Steven from Bellevue, Washington
  • Danielle Michaelson from Cullman, Alabama
  • Jennifer Goedker from New Smyrna Beach, Florida
  • Renee Weinberg from Colon, Michigan, about June 16 says "Visit the cemetry / FinalShow
    Bill Baird was known as The Magnificent Fraud. He was a world class billiard ball manipulator.
    The FAB Magic Company
    111 E State St.
    Colon, Michigan 49040 "
  • Tim from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Gavin from Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Pamela Hansen from Fostoria, Ohio
  • April Bever from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  • Stacey Schroeder from Safety Harbor, Florida
  • Owen Knight from Orlando, Florida
  • Judy from Norcross, Georgia
  • Buddy Garrett from Jefferson, Georgia
  • Tamara Moore from Denison, Texas
  • Timothy Sternberg from Aventura, Florida
  • Donna Kozar from Evansville, Indiana
  • Vanessa Hunter from Bronx, New York
  • Renee Grandinetti from Valleyford, Washington
  • Tonie Mikulastik from Van Alstyne, Texas
  • Linda Baca from Apple Valley, California
  • Lily from Las Vagas, Nevada
  • Michael Broderick from La Serena, IV Region de Coquimbo, China about June 16 says "Well I will try to juggle with my friend nicolas garcia that is in this page too. well i dont have many time juggling i only can juggle three balls, three rings and three clubs."

    Note: Unless country is listed, people are from the US.

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