World Juggling Day is June 14, 2008

People have registered below for World Juggling Day - They let us know that they'll be juggling and were entered in our contest with fun juggling prizes.

It doesn't have to be anything formal - some just took a moment to juggle in your back yard or living room. Of course, if they would be doing something more "formalized" they let us know that!

Happy Juggling!

People said they will juggle on World Juggling Day this year - June 14, 2008.

Here are the winners!..........

1st Prize - Mark Tobey from Pueblo - A set of our one-piece clubs
2nd Prize - Rod from Vancouver- A set of our 4-panel balls
3rd Prize - Daniel Saraj from Cocoa- A set of Juggling Scarves

Winners above should contact JuggleNow (just use the contact us button on the left side of this page) and send your mailing address. Please use the email that you entered with, and if possible, the same computer you entered with (to help us verify.) Thanks and congrats! Watch for another contest coming soon.

We'd love to see some pictures of you juggling too!

Who Else has Registered?

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I'll be juggling 
I will be juggling in my front yard,and everywhere I go all day long!

Hey Juggling is fun! 
Not much but it sounds cool!

Will be juggling! 
Lots to do!

Can't wait! 
Juggle on!

I'll be juggling 
I am just learning how to juggle with my dad and my sister ang. And i will be juggling today.

I'll be juggling clubs and balls in Medal of Honor Park in Mobile,Al. 
I will be juggling ALONE in Medal of Honor Park in Mobile,Al. I feel like I'm the only juggler in the world. I know there are others but I have been unable …

Juggling is the way 
Been juggling for close to 20 years as a hobby. A work colleague got me to juggling, and now I and friends are part of a local juggling club and we have …

Juggling morning, noon and night! 
I may just juggle all day and all night who knows!

I'll be juggling! 
Hello my name is Nathan, I started juggling about 4-5 years ago. On June 14 I'm planing to do a lot of juggling. When I've juggled in the past I always …

I will be juggling!! 
I'll be at a going away party for some friends that are moving to Texas! Lots of kids to teach to juggle!! I'm also starting summer break. I love it. …

The juggle will happen 
There is a street fair and I'm going to go and juggle.

A Juggler I'll Be 
I will juggle with my brother. We learned to juggle together, and have enjoyed passing and juggling together. I will juggle five balls and maybe work …

"My class will be juggling!" 
On that day the 16 students in my 6th grade class will all have juggling balls at home, and will juggle at home (if it is June 14th). But if it is June …

I'll be juggling 

Ric Roc Zoo? Juggling? Does a bear ... 
I'm Rick Carver, know to some as Ric Roc Zoo. I've been juggling at renaissance festivals throughout Michigan for over 20 years. This coming June 14th …

I always juggle :P 
So just like last year I will be juggling in cocoa village. Its located in the space coast of Florida. Me and my best friend did it all alone last year …

I'll definitely be juggling!!! 
I've been juggling now for about 2 months, and I LOVE it. I already juggle every day, and now I have another good reason to do it (in addition to having …

I'll be juggling! 
Clubs, rings and balls! Visit my website to register for more WJD prizes!

WJD 2007 in Monroe, Michigan 
I have an annual WJD event at Veterans Park a block from my house and a picnic for friends, family, and jugglers (of course) follows. We had a great turn …

Juggling Is My Passion (I'll do it) 
I have been juggling for 2 weeks and im trying to become one of the worlds best jugglers!

I'll be juggling in Canberra! 
I'll definitely be doing balls. rings, clubs, and some other stuff. Also you can see videos of me here:

Juggling with my kids Not rated yet
Hi, I have several kids who like to juggle, so I will be juggling with them.

I'll be juggling Not rated yet
I learned to juggle while at college and use the talent mostly at kids parties and church socials. Currently I am residing in South Africa and the kids …

I will be juggling!!! Not rated yet
some friends are coming over, my two friends john and jesse(they taught me) are coming over to party!!! it's gonna be hekka fun! i am super excited. we …

of course I will be Juggling on WJD Not rated yet
Most likely I will be getting a routine together for a Disney Audition Tape! Sounds like fun! I will be doing a cigar box routine to "Every Body …

I'll be juggling Not rated yet
I've just started to learn to juggle with my son Nick and my daughter Ang. Both Nick and Ang just recently got instructional books on juggling and we've …

Juuggling June always Not rated yet
Not much of a story, but I will be Juggling June 14. I juggle everyday and especially on the 14th. I normally go for about four hours; trying to learn …

I'll be juggling Not rated yet
I'll be juggling my balls and my clubs. Although my girlfriend gets mad when I juggle my clubs in the house since I'm not very good. But, then she gets …

A Small Group of Jugglers Not rated yet
We will be juggling in Wheeler park again with a slowly but never-the-less growing group here in Flagstaff, AZ.

I'll Be Trying to Juggle Not rated yet
I really, really want to juggle - but I keep failing! But I'll be trying on June 14th and who knows? Maybe that will be the day I keep all the balls in …

I'll be juggling (in Brockport, NY) Not rated yet
I hope to be juggling in the sun in Brockport, NY. I'll be doing balls and clubs in my front yard for all passer-bys to see!

I'll be juggling Not rated yet

And so it begins... Not rated yet
On WJD, after having just finished a hard week of school, I will be doing some classic 3 club juggling. I will also be attempting (yet again) to master …

I'll be juggling... Not rated yet
Three clubs, three balls, one ball(contact). Not at the same time although that would be some amazing juggling.

Juggle  Not rated yet
I'll be trying to teach my nephew to juggle.

I'll be diaboloing Not rated yet
I will be diaboloing and I might do some 3 or 4 ball juggling too.

Juggling my life! Not rated yet
Hello fellow jugglers. I will be juggling scarves representing my life...relationships, job, finances. Oops! Something took a dive! Sign of the times. …

I WILL be juggling!! Not rated yet
I'll be juggling while my husband hangs the flag for Flag Day - June 14!!

I'll be Juggling ! Not rated yet
Maybe I'll head to the beach and Juggle along the shore.

I'll definitely be juggling Not rated yet
Probably in France - juggling on French soil for the 1st time.

We'll be juggling Not rated yet
Myself and two of my son's will be juggling in Waverly, NY 14892 on World Juggling Day. We will be teaching kids we get interested in stopping by and …

I'll be juggling Not rated yet
I've been juggling since 1993 and I still love it. I'm glad to find out there's a World Juggling Day! That's really cool.

juggling like a mad man Not rated yet
i going to be juggling like a mad fool. i think i may even have a party, just to celebrate.

Will be juggling! Not rated yet
Good luck!

Hope to win! Not rated yet
Good luck! Will juggle!

Having fun! Not rated yet

I'll be juggling! Not rated yet
Have fun!

I'll be juggling! Not rated yet
Clubs, rings and balls! Visit my website to register for more WJD prizes!

I'll be juggling Not rated yet
in my living room! YAY!

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