World Juggling Day June 18, 2005

Let's all Juggle! World Juggling Day was June 18,2005.

Note this page is for 2005. Visit our World Juggling Day June 14, 2008 page and you can register for some great Juggling prizes.

We'd like to see as many of our subscribers to JuggleNow News juggle at Noon, Eastern time on June 18, 2005.

Let us know if you will be juggling, by filling in the form below. Even if it's just for a few minutes, let's all juggle!

We've given away some Prizes for people who registered below! Prizes awarded...
1st Prize - A set of our one-piece clubs
2nd Prize - A set of our 4-panel balls
3rd Prize - A set of Juggling Scarves

Here are some of the people who have said they will be juggling at noon Eastern time, on June 18. Join all the people, from all over the world, in Juggling!

  • Jim from JuggleNow, of course
  • A'Lona from JuggleNow will be learning to juggle with me! (-Jim from JuggleNow)
  • Eric - USA
  • Jani - Helsinski, Finland
  • Emily - Gaithersburg, USA
  • Brian - Ireland
  • Ryan - Pinconning, USA
  • Tom - Sydney, Australia
    "My friends and I will be juggling in Hyde Park in Sydney from about 2:00pm!"
  • Alice - Canada
  • Kurt - Fayetteville, NC USA
  • Bob - Minneapolis, MN USA
    It's my Daughters 13th birthday. Maybe by then I will teach her to juggle!"
  • Marcel - Issaquah, USA
  • Alejandro - Miami, USA
  • Garry - Anchorage, USA
    "Will try to teach a child to juggle."
  • Joe - New Egypt, USA
  • Laura - Harrisburg, USA
  • Michael - Titusville, USA
  • Rob - Hampton, NH, USA
  • Hande - Istanbul, Turkey
    "Would like to see the Italian circus (Circo Medrano) in town with a friend of mine (it's her birthday), maybe go chat with some of their performers."
  • Jason - USA
  • Bruce - Carlisle, USA
  • Kim - USA
  • Tim - Salem, USA
  • Rob - Ellettsville, USA
    "Are you going to be posting photos of the different events planned for Juggling day?"
    We'd love to post photos, so send any in to JuggleNow.
  • Terry - Louisville, USA
  • Kristina - Knightdale, USA
  • James - Glastonbury, United Kingdom
    "It's already marked on my calendar! I will be posting a notice in town and dragging as many juggling mates as I can up Glastonbury Tor for picnic and juggling frolics. I always have intense and unusual sessions on the Tor, often meeting other jugglers! Maybe something to do with ley lines and earth energies... Warm up starts at 5pm (12 noon Eastern time), leading to a full-on glo and fire display when it gets dark enough, accompanied by drums and didgeridoo... harnessing the power of Avalon and beaming it out to jugglers worldwide!!!
    I love your website and really enjoy reading the newsletters. Juggling is a passion. Keep up the good work guys and have yourselves a wicked juggling day! I'm sure you have something big planned..."
  • Quinn - Surrey, Canada
  • Alex - Santa Fe, NM, USA
    "Some friends and I will be juggling on June 18, On the plaza in Santa Fe. Any and all donations that we collect that day will be given to the youth group here in Santa Fe."
  • Robert - Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • Bryan - Norridge, USA
  • Rory - USA
  • Joe - Levittown, USA
  • Tony - USA
    "PEZKIDS Entertainment will be performing a free dance and juggling show for World Juggling Day on June 18th at 8:30PM. It's an outdoor event and open to other jugglers, but you must RSVP. Go to"
  • Jay - Norton, USA
    "I'll be juggling in the center of Bridgewater, MA with some friends at noon!"
  • Don - Branchport, NY, USA
  • Hannah - USA
  • Rich - St. Louis, USA
  • Bonnie - Appleton, USA
  • Jay - USA
    "June 18, 12:00pm - 2:00pm (Central Time) Members of the Juggling Assembly of Gustavus will be giving free juggling lessons and demonstrations at the Duck Days Town Celebration, located at Jones Park in Lake Crystal."
  • Chris - Buffalo Mills, USA
  • David - Gray, USA
  • Bethany - Elma, NY, USA
  • Rebecca - Bozeman, USA
  • Ben - Australia
  • Victor - Sao Paulo, Brazil
    "Juggle all the day!!"
  • Larry - Brooklyn, USA
  • Amanda - Chantilly, USA
  • Jeffrey - Pleasanton,USA
  • Justin - Chicago, USA
  • Tommy - USA
    "I started a juggling club at my high school and will join in at noon tomorrow."
  • R. Alan - Jacksonville, USA
  • Keith - Saint Petersburg, USA
    "Juggling Nood at a resort at noon in support of WJD. I just turned 54 in May and this is my fourth year of juggling...Cheers...
    I'll be juggling at noon..."
  • William - West Chester, USA
  • Jane - Ipswich, United Kingdom
    "My workshop have all promised that they will juggle at noon."
  • Keith - Long Beach, USA
  • Joe - New Egypt, USA
  • Tony - USA
  • Donna - Blest Friends Ministries
  • Ted - Fairport, USA
    "I'll be juggling even if I have to stop the car at noon to do it."
  • Karen - USA
  • Carlos - Sonoma, CA, USA
  • Geoff - State College, USA
  • Cynthia - Hot Springs, USA
  • Lowell - Turlock, USA
  • Jacob - Branford, CT, USA
    "Jacob (our 13 year old son) will be juggling at the Branford festival on Saturday as part of the Main Street entertainment.... we'll send photos!"
  • Mark - Pueblo, USA
  • Nathan - Lacombe, USA
  • Jeromy - Arlington, USA
    "Go jugglers!!!"
  • Habib - Tabriz, Iran
  • Marcel - Issaquah, Wallis and Futuna Islands
    "Seattle International Juggling Festival"
  • Karen - Perth, Australia
  • David - Longwood, USA
  • Rachel - Lewisville, USA
  • Florian - Desselgem, Belguim
    "Great idea !!!"
  • Cathy - Prestatyn, United Kingdom
    "Just general juggling at home. Practicing my 4 ball mills mess."
  • Crystal - Chapel Hill, USA
  • Randy - Winter Park, FL, USA
    "I will be juggling at a birthday party today the 18th. You Found Us Entertainment, Inc."
  • Frank - Gainesville, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
    "Let's get it on!!!!!!"
  • Bridgette - USA
    "I am all set to grab 3 items at noon and start juggling! I have already told my juggling uncles about it and hopefully they will be doing the same!"